The importance of being gentle

I’m a gentle soul. I feel like there were so many years, earlier years like in my 20’s and 30’s, when I felt maligned for being gentle, easy-going and carefree.


Some of these were words that I heard about myself from the outside, and some of these were words that I said to myself in weak moments of despair. That inner critic.

I’m sure there are so many of you radiant Goddesses and Gods out there who have experienced that less-than feeling because of your innate gentleness.

But we know the truth.

We are gentle because we know how powerful our words and actions are. We think very hard before we employ the sword tongue.

We are gentle because the power that flows through us (that beautiful Divine Essence) and out into the world through words, thoughts and deeds, can be deadly, can kill enthusiasm dead.

Through our words and deeds we can create or destroy universes.

Be gentle. Be in your power.


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