The Lover Divine.

Lover Divine

In a world that is transforming so quickly, I find that we are tossed about by the wind. Even if we are not sure where we will end up, there is a Divine presence underneath it all. It’s breath blowing our sails and directing us into the unknown spaces of the Soul.

Freedom seems to be the closest word that I can find that explains this phenomenon. Freedom is being true to ourselves and claiming our authenticity.

And Love.

Yes, Love.

There is never a time or day when I don’t think about it or feel it. But I have had a difficult time reconciling love and freedom. One holds me tight in its embrace and the other releases me into life.

I long for both experiences. Containment. Release.

The neverending ebb and flow of the emotions, sexual union, orgasm, adventure and aloneness (not loneliness).

When I’m feeling frustrated or trapped in my love or my relationship, I long for access to a real understanding of my heart.

How can we find our way through the tangle of thoughts and emotions to get to the heart of the matter?

At the moment of in between-ness it’s best to come into presence, into the body. The physical body is the compass and pleasure (and it’s close partner pain) is a direct route into the heart. The desire within you is always seeking its fulfillment. The map of the human heart will lead you down your own path to that which the Soul seeks. What the mind can’t fathom or control, the heart knows.

The heart is its own archetypal universe.

I love that the Sufi and romantic, western mythologies recognize that the heart is made of the fire element. The burning passion that warms our bodies and leads us towards communion with Divine Love.

I love that in eastern philosophies like Hinduism the heart is the seat of Prana, the life force. The air element. Freedom. Movement. Change. Lightness.

We have both notions to nourish us in different ways. Both are necessary to experience unconditional love on the physical, Earth plane.

The Fire Heart asks us to be the Phoenix: burn down the old, stale and stagnant and anything that does not serve Divine Love. The ashes of our old bodies fertilize the birth of the new being.

The fire seeks love through union and Eros, the glue of two bodies in ecstatic union that purifies the Soul.

It is immanence.

The Air Heart asks us to be the River: it flows and dances, shifts and moves. It is formless and changeless so there is no need to burn anything to the ground. It is pure light and spirit.

It is transcendence.

The reality is finding a way to honor both aspects of our Divine Love and it starts within.

Commit to unconditional love. Commit yourself to The Lover Divine before devoting yourself to another human.

Allow pleasure to open your heart wide. Keep inviting the great Lovers Ariadne and Dionysus, Parvati and Shiva into your consciousness.

(More on them next week)

With deep pleasure,


“There is a force within that gives you life – seek That.

In your body there lies a priceless jewel – seek That.

Oh, Wandering Sufi, if you are in search of the greatest treasure,
don’t look outside, look within, and seek That.”


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