The myth of EASE.

Ease in your business :: fact, myth or just another catch word to get you to sign up for stuff?

Greetings Beguiling One!

This is not what I had originally planned to send out today. But I keep hearing it and FEELING that it’s a conversation we need to have.


Apparently we need it. Or more of it.
For some it’s even a badge of success.

I know I’ve sold programs before based on a promise that brand clarity brings more EASE into your business and therefor into your life.

I’m going to say something now that may get your panties in a bunch….

There is nothing easy about being an entrepreneur.

There I did it.

The communication, technical and soft skills you need are voluminous.

The enormous time commitment, the patience and unwavering FAITH are unparalleled.

Yes, there are moments of ease, of course.

But don’t feel “less than” when you are in a phase of your career where you have to put blood, sweat and tears into your business.

Your success is 100% defined by YOU. You can have financial goals up the ying-yang and have high hopes and intentions for exponential growth. But it may not happen NOW, or in Q3 … it will happen when it happens. Period.

Right now, when I channel the wisdom of the mermaids, they show me pictures of all of us entrepreneurs as Surfers.

Each of us sitting on a board (the symbol of our vehicles to deliver our gifts) waiting for our wave. Each of us will find the perfect, tasty wave (Dude) when it arrives. At that moment we have to decide to ride it and paddle our HARD. Break a sweat even. Then ride that beauty all the way to your destination.

The warning I got was not to paddle hard and try to catch EVERY wave we think might be “the ONE.” This will create more burn out.

Rather, get clear about what you want that wave to look like and where you want it to take you.

Then ride that baby when it comes in.

What you might need right now is stamina. It might be time for you to work harder, put in more hours, wake up earlier or stay up later. But make sure you’re doing all of this for the WAVE you are in crazy-stupid love with.

Cowabunga. Dude.

And, remember pleasure and sexiness are always with you, even if you’re not feeling the EASE.

I’ll leave you with some poster inspiration.


This poster was meant to go with a different blog post … but I think it might be something we all need this week.


Loving you deeply,


P.S. What is your take on EASE in your business and life? Let me know in the comments below, Sexy.


There are 2 comments on The myth of EASE.

  • First of all, beautiful post! Secondly, my take: I desire ease so much, desire less struggle, more flow….but at the same time, I see the truth in this post. That there is a side to this that will never be ease, that we’ll have to work hard for what we do….I struggle with the balance of this. In the end, I think it boils down to what you said about surfing and finding that perfect wave. That’s really it – learning where to put our energy and how to discern the right opportunities from the wastes of time. 😉

    • Hi Yancy – I do believe in ease. And know that sometimes we have and need the experiences that are more character building and sweat inducing. Those are the times I believe we learn the most.

      My main point is … don’t feel bad if you’re not experiencing the ease you want. People tend to think they’re doing something wrong when they have challenges come up.

      And you totally nailed the second point! Ease can be found anywhere, even in the midst of struggle if we are committed to riding that big wave.

      Love you dearly friend!



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