Sacred Pleasure Series Part 4: Lilith, Goddess of Radical Self-Acceptance

Lilith: Sovereign Goddess of Radical Self-Acceptance

In the final episode of this series on Sacred Pleasure, I discuss the ancient Near Eastern Goddess, #Lilith. In Jewish folklore, we learn that Lilith was Adam’s equal, his original wife-partner, but fled the Garden of Eden when she refused to submit herself as his passive and dutiful consort. Beautiful, sovereign, and radically herself, Lilith expands her wings and flies away. Lilith leaves Adam to be consoled by a second and so-called “compliant” wife, Eve, only to be immortalized as a demonness for her transgression. I explain that a modern archetype of Lilith is the powerful Fae, #Maleficent. To embody the archetype of Lilith / Maleficent is to step fully into one’s power and agency; to be the directrix of one’s own story.

In honor of archetypal love and pleasure, Journey to the Goddess is devoting this next 4-part series to “Sacred Pleasure.” In this series, I speak on my approach to life and business as I integrate and celebrate “Sacred Pleasure” vis-a-vis the divine feminine goddesses.

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