It’s time to enter the Shadowlands.

Happy Friday the 13th ~

First a shoutout to my friends all over California who have been dealing with this fire madness. I know how devastated many of you feel right now. And I want you to know that you are on my altar and in my prayers.

It’s time. The veils are growing thinner between our world and the Otherworld. This is a time to look deeply into ourselves, for only our own wisdom can show us the way through the dark.

The time for Samhain~All Hallow’s Eve~All Saint’s Day~Dia de Los Muertos has come upon us.

We may also call upon the wisdom and love of our ancestors who have passed beyond the veil. This is a time to honor them with altars and rituals and to receive their blessings.

Astrologically, this is Scorpio time. A time of delving into the deep, intoxicating mysteries of life, death and rebirth. Sex. Death. Taxes. All fall into the domain of Pluto, ruler of Scorpio and the Underworld. You may have heard that (and perhaps felt) Jupiter moved into Scorpio 3 days ago. Whatever Jupiter touches EXPANDS. He makes things increase, grow. He brings luck and fortune to those areas.

For me, it’s my late 8th house and early 9th house of my chart. These represent intimacy, sexuality, money, power + travel, publishing, spirituality, higher education and philosophy.

Depending on where he is in your chart these areas will be caressed by Jupiter’s golden touch.

However, all of us will have the dark, shadowy places of our psyches expanded as well. If ever there was a great time to do shadow work, it’s now.

I can imagine that any of you who do Shadow Work as a livelihood will need to get ready for a nice, big influx of clients. You are vitally needed!

Anything you have repressed and delegated to the Underworld is going to be illuminated. The repressed emotions, desires and even latent talents that you didn’t know you possessed will rise to the surface to be acknowledged. Do not fear the time of the dark transit – these moments are vital for your growth as a human being.

And, you are offered stillness and silence to rest from all of the hubub of Summer and activity of Autumn. Enter into this stillness.

Allow it to be sweet. After all, we are nearing Diwali, the festival of lights celebrating Lakshmi in India.

Samhain is the Witch’s New Year on the great wheel and it marks the threshold between what has passed and what is to come. Your powers of clairvoyance and inner sight will become amplified now too. You will foresee aspects of your future.

Before crossing that threshold on October 31st, decide what you are leaving behind: an old habit, toxic relationships, unfulfilling work.

Leave behind that which no longer serves you so you can create a new world filled with what you wish to be, have or do.

You are always the sovereign of your life.

Enjoy this potent time of revisioning and reinvention.

With love + pleasure unending,


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