It’s time to play.

Do you think you’re too busy to play?

Or too grown up?

Or too serious?

Well, get over yourself. (wink, wink)

Play makes you better at what you do. Play makes it much more fun for the rest of us to watch what you do.

What if I told you that spending one hour playing with someone, or with yourself, will improve the quality of your work 1,000-fold?

Play first. Work later.
Innovate more.

Get a shitton more stuff done. Have fun in the process.
It makes everything easier. Mary Poppins taught me that.

Laughter, joy and happiness boost productivity. It’s scientifically proven.

Ever heard of serotonin?

So, I created a program where entrepreneurs will be required to PLAY and daydream every day… for 3 months.

They won’t spend all of their time just writing sales pages. Or email newsletters. Or patrolling Facebook and Twitter.


Granted, each will choose the form of Play: watching a funny movie, going out and climbing a tree, telling silly jokes with a friend, playfully teasing their lover, or free-form interpretive dancing (one of my personal favorites).

And yes, we will be rebranding and revisioning our businesses to be even more enchanting.

We’ll discover sublime ways to integrate our personal mythologies into our brands and marketing plans.

Best part: it will all be pleasurable. It will all feel GOOD.


You can jump on my playshop Return to Enchantment: Bringing Pleasure, Rapture and Delight Back into Your Business riggghhhht over HERE. It begins virtually on Feb. 3rd and there’s an in-person group starting on Feb. 10th in Santa Barbara. It will run again once more in September of this year, but it won’t be at the beta price. Just lettin’ ya know.

Let’s bring a mythological aspect of Play into this post.

It was an ancient Aztec tradition to play a ball game at the foot of the temple. The players had to take a 9-pound rubber ball and throw it through a stone hoop. It is argued that the winning team was sacrificed at the end of each game: the game field represented the ball court of the heavens, where night and day, death and life, were in conflict.

The winners supposedly gave their lives willingly as a sacrifice to enliven the cosmos.

Death and life are playing together. Both are sacred and should be honored as such.

But we can’t take either of them too seriously.

What will you do to play today (since your life depends on it)? Tell me in the comments below

With love + ocean blissings,



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