Truth Concealed and Revealed.


Being an entrepreneur means being married to the unknown.

This is not easy and most often unpleasant.

One of my teachers recently quoted this:

“Irritation creates pearls, pressure creates diamonds and out of turds blossoms the lotus.”

The angel of discomfort is a way I enter the space of knowing my deepest truth.

When I feel afraid …

…that I’ll fail miserably,

…that I’m not making a true impact in the world,

…that I’m going to be broke, sick or alone,

I pray to know that much deeper,

my truth.

I used to wash away my fears of the unknown through my spiritual practices. Now I simply feel the fear and help the energy escape from my body. I breathe deeply and do not try to control or stifle the emotions.

As the fear moves to the surface of my senses, it comes through as the shivers, aches and muscle twitches.

Then I continue to pray.

“Mother/Father God, All that is, Yemaya and all my relations, help me know my truth.”

A vision always follows on the heels of this petition. And if a vision doesn’t appear, I ardently ask for the truth to be revealed in signs.

Truth will wear different clothing at various stages in your life. But the essence of your truth is eternal and indestructible. And no one or no thing can define your truth.

This is your sovereign self.

A prayer to crown your sovereign self with your truth:

Let my truth be revealed to me.

Let my truth direct my actions.

Let my truth heal my soul.

Let my truth attract my desired visions.

I rest peacefully in my truth.

On this post-independence day weekend, I want to acknowledge how much courage I see all around me and how this courage moves people to expand and ascend to their own heights of truth. Even when they have no clue what the outcome will be.

I celebrate you.

With blessings,



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