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We reside in a multidimensional universe. We interact with energy and physical matter.

The truths of Earth are found in both science and mythology, which are two ways of telling stories. Both are right … btw, I’m not interested in arguing with anyone on which one is more accurate or more important. Don’t waste your breath because there are bigger battles to fight.

Since I’m a mythologist, not a scientist, I tend to approach data (including science) through the eyes of ancient and modern symbols and storytelling. Astrology, tarot, archetypal psychology, poetry, music, film, dance, visual arts and design are all mediums through which I can apply inspiration to such data.

Astrology and tarot include archetypal symbols and themes. As I watch the dance of the planets through the starry sky, these two ancient arts can teach much about the human condition and how we behave and react when various archetypes are resonating through us.

Right now Pluto, known as Hades (god of the Underworld) in Greek myth, is in Capricorn (from 2008-2024) and Neptune is extra powerful in his own sign of Pisces (from 2012-2025). As you can see, both planets are slowly moving, initiating deep changes in the areas they respectively rule.

Chiron, a comet named after the Greek figure who represents the archetype of the Wounded Healer has been residing in Pisces since 2010/2011 and will remain until 2018.

Chiron was a “centaur in Greek mythology who was a healer and teacher who, ironically, could not heal himself.” (Cafe Astrology)

Pluto in Capricorn is tearing down all government structures; the Black Sun is melting down all old, stagnant systems that aren’t working so that something useful can be molded into the new design.

Archetypal astrologer, Dr. Safron Rossi, had a beautiful way of expressing what is going on in the political and ecological arenas:

“We are living this Pluto process as a collective and it reaches into our individual lives. We find that the dark and negative attributes of a sign are brought into awareness when Pluto moves through it, lit up as it were. In the cardinal sign of Capricorn we can identify those on the world stage, including patriarchal structures of power and values (Capricorn is ruled by Saturn who was a devouring father), idealization of the past, authority, hoarding of wealth and resources, fear of loss of control, concern with boundaries. Capricorn is an earth sign, so concern and responsibility for the environment is also highlighted.” (Pluto and Kali as Divine Guests, blog post, December 2016)

Neptune in Pisces, in partnership with Chiron, is the ameliorating water element. A blacksmith uses water to solidify molten steel into it’s useful forms–swords, shields and horseshoes.

Water is the healing element that elevates matter into its most refined state. Think of how the Grand Canyon was carved by water over thousands of years. No matter how big a rock is, the pounding ocean waves will break it down, relentlessly, until it is a grain of sand.

We are not in control of these events either. The castles are burning down.
It is earth healing herself. We have to stop the illusory projections that we can save the earth, or even save ourselves.

Renewal is immanent, and in its wake we are reminded how precious life is. Sacrifices must be made to these dark and unknown forces to ensure that we do not leave behind the helpless, hopeless and downtrodden.

The deities of the Underworld are often placated with blood, the life force of matter. In some myths, the blood is used to give the Shadows, the dead, a voice so they can teach us these vital lessons of the dark.

We are being called into an awakening through the forces of death, as we see the structures and the status quo crumble way.

Anytime I am approached by the Underworld, there’s an opportunity to see something differently.

What I’ve come to find in this darker, shadowy place is how I can access both the wound and its cure.

In order to gain prophetic wisdom and psychic foresight, Odin (father-god of Norse mythology) sacrificed one of his eyes to drink from the well of Mimir; it is located at the roots of Yggdrasil, the mythic World Tree.

Taking a trip to the Underworld is connecting to the roots of life itself. Unseen and pure. Raw and fertile.

If all I ever encounter is above ground, aka Middle Earth, I can only see from a single perspective. When I can be like Odin and hang upside down from the branches of the tree of life, my viewpoint is upside down too; my head is touching the roots. The deep rich soil of the Underworld fertilizes my perception in the Upper Worlds.

Let’s travel down the roots of the World Tree and go deeper.

I imagine the Underworld spaces as humus — the fertile, churning factory of the soul.

Underground caverns, waterways, minerals, granite, insects, seeds – life continues unseen in this place and the deeper we descend, the warmer it gets.

Eventually I reach the underground sun at the core of our planet.

Stone Mother lives here and is transformed by the magma at the center of the Earth. As she is melted and cooled, her forms and shapes change. Her tectonic plates shift and violently transform the upper world.

The Sun under the ground, is the very heart of Earth Mother/Gaia.

Both Mythology and Science acknowledges this sun as the source of healing springs, steaming and lava-spewing volcanoes, earthquakes and geothermal reservoirs.

Iceland is a prime example of how the world can rise from the entrapping and greedy mythos of Corporatocracy. The island generates 100% of its energy from renewable sources: 75% large hydro and 25% geothermal.

In addition, Iceland is the only nation that put its crooked bankers behind bars after the economic collapse of 2008; this is the year Pluto moved into Capricorn. Yet another clear sign that plutonian forces are at work underground dismantling illusions of oil dependence and financial security.

In 2002 I visited Bath, UK, and learned about Sulis, the ancient deity of its healing hot springs.

She was worshipped by the Romano-British as Sulis Minerva, whose votive objects and inscribed lead tablets suggest that she was conceived of both as a nourishing, life-giving mother goddess and as an effective agent of curses wished by her votaries.

The exact meaning of the name Sulis is still a matter of debate among linguists, but one possibility is “Eye/Vision”, cognate with Old Irish súil “eye, gap”, perhaps derived from a Proto-Celtic word *sūli- which may be related to various Indo-European words for “sun.” (Wikipedia)

Her themes are: Water, Healing, Vision, Oracular Seeing, Watchful, Sun, Protection.

The interesting part about Sulis is that she is both a water and a solar deity, hence, her association with thermal hot springs at Bath. She is both day vision (consciousness) and night vision (clairvoyance, psychic seeing).

Sulis is a both a healing and oracular/divination focused goddess.

She is connected to this geothermal, underground sun, and to water. Sulis straddles the worlds of Pluto and Neptune and can help us heal from such destructive forces of transformation we are seeing and feeling in the world around us.

I felt her presence so strongly when I went to visit her at Bath in the year 2002. I had many “eye opening” experiences there.

I was able to see who I was so clearly for the first time since I was a child! I knew since age 8, or perhaps younger, that I worked with the invisible spirit world as a seer, channel and healer. I loved mermaids and being in the water back then too. I had forgotten and just focused on making a corporate career in entertainment. A soulless journey that left me feeling like a dead leaf being blown about in the wind.

But it wasn’t until my trip in 2002, when I was in my thirties, that I began seeing spirits again and feeling connected to my role as a healer.

The Pluto-Neptune-Chiron connection keeps beckoning me to consider ways to heal and ease the pain of our birth into a new era.

Under the watchful eyes of Odin and Sulis, perhaps we can claim powerful and dangerous aspects of ourselves as Warriors of the Underground Sun.

I believe we can rise.

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