V-Spot :: What is your Achilles Heel?

A monthly video series about Vulnerability + Pleasure

Today’s V-Spot question: What is your Achilles Heel?

(Achilles was the so-called invincible Greek demigod who only had one vulnerable spot on his body, his heel, so that’s where he gets shot and finally succumbs. His mother the goddess Thetis dipped him in the River Styx to make him immortal but the place where her thumb was grasping his ankle didn’t get dipped.)

So often when we talk about marketing and entrepreneurship the heroic metaphors of battle are used like, “tactics,” “strategy,” “launching” … you name it.

It’s no wonder we are afraid to talk about our weaknesses – for fear that we’ll be shot down and killed.

I’ll start. My BIG achilles heel is my need to be liked by mostly everyone. It has pushed me to do things that have caused me embarrassment or to not speak something that felt true. It has caused me to hold back from shining, being “too great” or thinking “too big.”

There’s an unconscious part of me that’s waiting to be shot down, or abandoned and rejected when I reveal my true self.

So there you have it. My vulnerable spot.

My theory is that if we have a place to safely share our vulnerable spots, we can transcend our limitations and feel more FREE. And, when I feel more free I feel deep pleasure. Mmmm hmmmm.

Jump into the conversation whenever it feels good for you by leaving your comments below.

xox – with deepest love and devotion.


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  • I have a similar V Spot though mine extends out to fearing what people think of me in every encounter. (Obsessing over every word I said, everything I did, did I do the right thing, did I look like an idiot, etc.) Often, this causes me to make decisions based on my perception of what other people might think of me. Not good! LOL.

    • OMG, Yancy. I’ve done that many, many times. As if everything I say and do can cause someone to run away or reject me. (Not like they have a choice in the matter, right?)

      But, in our sweet vulnerability, we can be so much more open to love and acceptance. I’ve found that my pre-determining if I’ll be judged is a way of preventing myself from receiving the vitamin LOVE.

      I love you angel and thank you for commenting.

  • Love hearing your story about Unbound, Kris! The May start date feels sooo much nicer for you. My V-spot is being too sensitive to what I THINK other people want or need to hear, so I agonize over whether I’m saying the right thing or being helpful. It happens mostly when I’m communicating online. It can be exhausting! I think it’s similar to your thing – wanting people to like me.

    • Thank you for sharing Stephanie! We both know how spot on your intuition is. I have a feeling that if you don’t censor yourself you’ll say exactly what needs to be said, at the right time. If someone doesn’t like you for it, that’s their responsibility.

      And, I also know that often when we’re communicating online it’s important to be sensitive to how something comes across because it CAN be misconstrued very easily. Oh, I feel your pain on that one!

      Love you!

  • hi kris. my v-spot hovers right around my imposter complex, and judging/being judged. health and healing are my life’s work, and yet… sometimes i feel veeeerrrrry far from that myself. as if everyone can see how messy my life really is, which makes me completely unsuitable as a teacher and guide. this causes me to hold back my work, and to doubt my usefulness. it’s completely yicky!

    i know that it’s not actually True, but the stories that bind me to that feeling still come up.

    thanks for sharing your vulnerability. it helps so much to see each other’s humanity.

    • Hi Pascale – the imposter complex is a biggggie. Will they ever find out that I’m a fraud, can’t write, can’t drum…? is something I struggle with all of the time. To put yourself out there is so scary. It’s that naked feeling!

      You are one of those people who always comes across so real and authentic. I know you inspire me to step into the light as my raw, true self. The gal with the dirty mind 😉 (and who can actually play drums ok!)

      I believe that if more of us entrepreneurs talk about our fears and vulnerability as part of the life experience, there will be more pleasure to be had by all.

      Hugs + kisses to you!

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