What I learned after 6 days of practicing Pleasure alongside 50 other entrepreneurs.

Last year I held a free 5 day class entitled Pleasure Yourself. I was a little nervous because I’d never done anything like it before.

I had a few theories before the class began:

  1. The participants would experience extreme creativity after unleashing their sexual energy into their work and marketing. Their ideas, title and descriptions for their offerings would be much more magnetic and tantalizing to their audience.
  2. Participants (whom I lovingly began to refer to as my “Pleasure Players”) would begin to feel less inhibited in how they spoke about their own work, and could do it in a way that felt totally pleasurable for them.
  3. Their sex lives and physical vitality would improve.

I’m happy to say that these three theories turned out to be true for many of the Pleasure Players.

And, there were also other side effects from putting pleasure first that I didn’t foresee.

  • One entrepreneur reported increased clairvoyance and another mentioned the ability to visualize more clearly.
  • Three people in the group (possibly more) connected with high-end clients and manifested more money on the final day of the class.
  • Two of my ladies in the group waxed poetic about how they found that they needed to consciously and intentionally cultivate pleasure if they wanted to bring more of it into their lives. Even though this seems obvious, unless you actually do it, you have no real idea what that entails.

My mission all this year (and possibly beyond) is to continue to help more and more entrepreneurs experience deeper pleasure in their business and personal lives.

If you want to learn how to do business like a PLEASURE goddess, visit my course page for The Entrepreneur’s Journey: Practical Magic to Grow Your Business in 2020.

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May Pleasure be your guide,



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