What is Pleasure?


Pleasure is presence.

You cannot be in the past or the future when you are experiencing pleasure.

Looking backwards and forwards is the narcotic of an anxiety-stricken society that has forgotten its earthly roots.

Cocaine, cigarettes, alcohol, sugar, caffeine, porn can all be addictions, but they are not to be confused with pleasures.

A pleasure is not an addiction.

An addiction is a nightmare from which one can’t awaken without angelic support.

Pleasure is a direct connection to your divine soul purpose.

When we are fully present and in our pleasure, we are fully embodied.


Pleasure evokes …
Joy, not fear.
Being, not doing.
True love, not lost selves.
Devotion, not forgetfulness.

Pleasure is power.

It’s when you get lost in a beautiful work of art.

It’s the first bite of luscious dark chocolate melting on your tongue.

It’s when you watch a wild deer walking through the shadowy green forest.


It invites you into a incandescent mystery, intoxicating your soul like a lover’s kiss.

Pleasure is sacred.

Jesus said, “Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” (Luke 12:32)

Honor life. Believe that each of God’s creations has a right to be free + sovereign.
Pleasure is God’s sacred gift given at birth, unconditionally, without strings attached.


Give pleasure and be pleasured.

Watch the stars align in your favor and how you inherit the kingdom.


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