Working magic with your Muse

Loving your Muse is the most direct path to blissfully living your ideal life.

From a mythological perspective, the Muses were originally numbered as a trinity of Goddesses who later morphed into the classical Greek nine (interestingly, a multiple of three) that we’re familiar with today.

Nine goddesses show up in Celtic mythology too, as the Morgen, which means the “sea-borne.”

The Morgen are nine priestesses who live on the isle of Avalon (where the apples of immortality grow). They are seers and healers. The leader is usually named Morgen, Morgan or Morgana, and the other eight are known as her sisters. They also protect the cauldron of Annwn (pronounced ah-noon) which is the womb of all creation and memory itself.

The nine Greek Muses are also said to come from water (the springs of Helicon) and their mother is the Greek goddess Mnemosyne, the personification of memory.

Loving your Muse is remembering and re-storing (or as I like to say “re-storying”) the aspects of yourself that have been hidden, denied or forgotten. 

Very often, these lost shards of the self are the radiant jewels that we have to offer the world.

Tell your unique story and you will restore the world.

Take the time to go within and listen to your Muse.

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To the ancient Greeks, bees were considered the “birds of the Muses.”

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