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Here’s my SUPERNATURAL SCHEDULE for Q3 2014. Let’s play.


July 11, 2014. Reclaiming Sleeping Beauty Virtual Playshop, from 12-2pm PST. $44.

This playshop will lead you deeply into the enchanted world of fairytales and its characters to help you awaken your inner feminine and bring her into reunion with her beloved, the inner masculine.

Explore the relationships between the sleeping princess, handsome prince, evil queen, as well as the animals and supernatural beings of nature to expose these themes within your own life.

You will be writing, dialoguing and visioning your path into loving and accepting yourself and others in ever enspiriting and deepening ways.

I will record the playshop and distribute the recording within 24 hours, in case you can’t make the live call.

2 hour workshop will be delivered by audio and video via Fuze Meeting. You can either call in with a phone or participate over your computer with speakers and microphone. Camera optional.



July 19, 2014. Ignite Your Sexy Biz Superpower.

Joint Workshop with Lisa Faulkner. Steel Heart Dance, South San Francisco, CA. 3-6pm. $150.
A workshop designed for soulful entrepreneurs and creators to refresh their branding strategy and feel sexier in order to make a dazzling difference in the world.

On the surface? It’s about branding strategy and reconnecting with your sexy superpower.

But really? It’s about magnifying your sparkling essence with play and sovereignty.

Underneath it all? It’s knowing what you most yearn for in work and life. And playing to get it.

Come with your creative ideas … perhaps an outline of an article, e-course workshop or retreat … an in progress product, artwork or a rough draft of your best-seller.


Thursday, July 24, 2014 :: 12:00-1:30pm (PT). Expert: Angelique Mroczka.

Topic: Self-Publishing. Private online workshop for members of the Enchanted Entrepreneurs Circle. To join this class, you’ll need to become a paid member by visiting HERE.


Saturday, August 9, 2014. Create Your Bewitching Brand Playshop.

New Orleans, LA. 11am-1pm. $65.


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