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What am I working on?

Holy cow-goddess Hathor! I’m working on way too many projects at once. But my creativity is difficult to contain. I have two non-fiction books in progress, a mermaid erotica fantasy short story or novel (you can read an intro to the series HERE), a mermaid fantasy memoir loosely based on my life as a rockstar’s daughter (sign up for my list if you want to begin sampling chapters next year) and a suspense teen supernatural thriller that takes place in the mystic lands of Glastonbury, UK.

I’m prioritizing my book Return to Enchantment: Branding with Mythological Archetypes for the next 15 days. The first draft of the manuscript is complete and I need to finish the rewrites so I can launch this baby in September of this year.

Note: The gorgeous cover was designed by eBook Aviatrix, Angelique Mroczka, who has an amazeballs deal on her self-publishing school RIGHT NOW.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Well, you can think of my book Return to Enchantment as the love child between mythologist Joseph Campbell (if he were still alive) and Danielle LaPorte, kick ass writer and author of The Fire Starter Sessions and Desire Map.

I love David Whyte and pray that my work inspires people the same way that his books The Heart Aroused and Crossing the Unknown Sea have.

I’m also a Harry Potter fan. Favorite book since childhood, A Wrinkle in Time. And life-changing book that helped me discover Glastonbury and the practice of Avalonian magic is The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley.

Not sure yet how I differ from these other folks other than the fact that I’m not widely published. I think one needs to build a body of work before they can claim anything!

Why do I write what I do?

Everything I write is basically a gift from my Muse in a moment of heated creativity.
Writing is a vital part of my life process. I don’t know myself let alone any experience until I write about it.

How does my writing process work?

I sit down with computer open to a Google doc or with a notebook/journal and pen.
Both methods work great for me and both yield two different styles.

I download whatever inspiration is being given to me. Usually my most fertile writing time is 4-6am.

I edit after the download. I usually wait a day before I put on my editor’s cap. Now I work with an amazing editor (Nancy Oster) who makes all of my work sparkle and shine.

Note: Nancy did not edit this blog post, hence the roughness of it!

Tanja Gardner of Crystal Clarity Copywriting and Conscious Introvert Success (and she doesn’t tell introverts to “get over it”) wrangled me into contributing to this writerly blog tour.

Read her fun and fabulous post RIGHT HERE!

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