You’re Invited! Pleasure Queen Festival 2022.

Imagine: you’re invited to attend a delicious intimate gathering in an 12 bedroom villa in the Tuscan countryside.

Just after you arrive, you are given a sweet elixir in a graceful etched crystal goblet, fashioned for a queen. And, announced by the town crier with your full title.

The scene is decadent–dresses of silk in every color adorn the women around you, who are hugging and laughing, getting caught up with each others’ lives. You feel welcomed, held, loved, adored. Your cheeks are rosy and eyes bright as your eyes feast upon the beauty of hundreds of lit candles illuminating the crimson and gold colored foyer. Giant bowls of grapes and platters of figs, persimmon and strawberries atop long oak tables beckon your perfectly manicured fingers to touch and then to taste.

You are called to the dining room with an angelic chime. Seated at a long table all the women dine on the most luscious made-to-order Italian dishes, served on fine ivory ceramic plates edged in deep burgundy to match the color of your lips.

As you sip homemade limoncello, you’ll feel the delicious chill of hazelnut gelato on your sun-warmed lips.

After 2 hours of feasting and chatting, you hear music off in the distance and stand up to follow the lilting rhythms and melodies to an outdoor polished wood dance floor under the stars and circled by a majestic oak grove.

You dance into the evening like a maenad drunk with ecstasy.

And, off in the distance you hear it … the slow beating of drums. And you follow with certainty to enter a circle with the other Queens. You are given a cloak of the deepest purple velvet and you pull the hood over your head to melt into the magic of the priestesses. This is your initiation into the mysteries of the Goddess–a ritual to embody the magic of who you truly are within … A Pleasure Queen.

Although we are meeting virtually at this time, that is my ultimate vision for what I desire my newest goddess festival to be! And yes, we are starting with humble beginnings … WHY WAIT? Let’s begin to build this creation together, NOW.
Join Us For 3 Days of Goddess Initiations, Manifesting Codes & Luminous Upgrades To Take You From Stressed & Fatigued To Calm & Totally Lit Up! 

5/13, 5/14 & 5/15 FROM 10:00-11:30AM PDT

In this divine LIVE restorative virtual experience, we’ll be sharing how we healed & turned-on all areas of our lives with the energy of sacred Goddess Pleasure. I’m so done with seeing so many wilted women who are stressed out, fatigued and overwhelmed in their lives and businesses. Let’s change this right now!

This restorative & rejuvenating virtual festival will help untether you from the patriarchal grind and bring back the passion and pleasure that have evaporated from your life so you can manifest miracles.
In this luscious 3 day virtual goddess festival you will:
  • Learn how to tell new stories and transform your trauma into wisdom with Goddess energy and superpowers.
  • Know and own your power as you connect with who you are and the Divine Feminine.
  • Fall in love with yourself more than ever.
  • Release feeling like you’ve been hit by a bus every day, and shift into a Queen who rides the successful train of love, abundance, and vibrant health.

The Pleasure Queen Festival Agenda:

FESTIVAL DAY #1 (Friday, May 13)
  1. Opening Ritual to Kick Off The Festival
  2. Anointing Ceremony to set the Sacred Space for our Pleasure Vortex.
  3. Take the Pleasure Queen Vow.
  4. Meet Our Goddess Council:
  5. Isis, Lalita, Lilith, Pele, Aphrodite, Lakshmi
FESTIVAL DAY #2 (Saturday, May 14)
  1. Self-Love Spells
  2. Dark Goddess Initiations With
  3. Pele & Lilith.
  4. Erotic Sovereignty Code With Isis.
  5. Lalita Body Puja Ritual.
FESTIVAL DAY #3 (Sunday, May 15 – Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse In Scorpio)
  1. Closing Ritual to Venerate & Call in our Deepest Desires
  2. Abundance Initiation With Lakshmi.
  3. Love & Beauty Codes of Aphrodite.
  4. Chant ‘Song of the Siren’ Spell.
Each day we will meet as a group over Zoom and will have break-out room sessions so you can get to know your Pleasure Queen sisters more deeply.
This is a FREE event and the recordings will be made available within 24 hours after the live broadcast.
We will also have a raffle each day with lush prizes fit for a queen! To be eligible for the raffle you must be REGISTERED. (You are still eligible even if you can’t be there live.)
To enter the raffle, all you need do is:
  1. Register.
  2. Choose a non-profit, charity that supports women’s sovereignty and make a donation of any size.
  3. Email me the receipt and you’re entered.


Meet Yael.
Pleasure Queen Festival Co-Creatrix Yael Wolfe is a writer, artist, and photographer whose work is an exploration of what it means to be a woman in a world that has forgotten the Feminine.
She is the creatrix behind the photographic journey, Rising, and the author of Paris, My Love. She’s also the Wolfe behind Howl, a temple space and artistic celebration of female sexuality.
Meet Shirley Ann.
Aphrodite. Goddess of Love and Beauty.
If ever there was a Queen of Pleasure, it would be her. Pleasure Queen Festival Co-Creatrix Shirley Ann Aphrodite is the embodiment of Aphrodite.
As a Muse, Artist and Designer, all of Shirley Ann’s work is devoted to living life romantically, artistically and beautifully.
She truly believes, with all of her heart, that romance is the answer to all of life’s problems. When people are in love, and it really doesn’t matter who or what they are in love with, there’s more joy! A deeper appreciation for life. The desire to savor every moment.
For women specifically, her wish and desire is simply for all of us to enjoy life more. For us to enjoy our womanhood, our femininity and our sensuality. To worship at the altar of beauty and to cultivate a rich inner world where we are goddesses walking the earth.
With this, we become invincible and irresistible. Magnetic to our desires. Powerful and magnificent.


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