11 women in a Goddess Temple on Wesak Full Moon, 5/5

It’s hard to write when I’m exhausted, but I must say something about my experience facilitating the 1/2 day retreat at the Goddess Temple of Orange County, Radiate Your Sexy Inner Business Goddess, yesterday.

We gathered in the womb of Oxum: the dark, luxurious, comfy Oshun’s Lounge was conducive to deep exploration and the open exchange of ideas. Some beautiful gems were created during our time together. This is what makes these events so special for me. I love seeing the women light up, allowing their radiance to flow unemcumbered.

There were a couple of Goddesses who showed up in resistance-mode. But, the operative word here is that they showed up. Whenever we hit that wall, we know it is time to expand. It usually shows up as fearful self-talk.

“I’m not ready.”

“I’m not good enough.”

“I don’t know enough.”

By stepping through our fears and showing up for ourselves, we expand into the greater radiance that wants to express through us; through our business and our personal mythology. And it feels exhilarating!

I’m so proud of the group that assembled into the creative cauldron.

After our four plus hours together talking about marketing, death, money, men, animals, dating, projects and our dreams we became a tribe. We are a tribe of expanding radiance. We trust each other. We love each other.

Coming out of the experience, I am acutely aware that I’m transforming and soon my business and livelihood will change. My offerings will change, my marketing will change and my website will change. Even my self-created, fun + funky titles “Creativity Midwife” and “Marketing Muse” feel like they will give way to a new title.

Funny how we continually create and then say, “This is it! The best I’ve got…” Then, you come up with ten more things that are way cooler and even more fun.

I am reminded of Danielle LaPorte’s post “So 7 chicks get into a hot tub…why personal development is profitable.”

The point of all of this relaxation and fun + fine-tuning our marketing skills is to become even more of our radiant selves and attract the resources, cash and big dream opportunities gracefully and with ease.

There is no struggle, only the trusting, the knowing, that since we are enough, we are magnificent and brilliant just as we are right now.

I know something big is brewing for me and for my other 10 chicks who played with me yesterday, under a “super” full moon.


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