Be audacious! Be bold! You are ready now.

I know this isn’t the usual post I write.

But, I’m so compelled to write this because that VOICE woke me up, now at 11:44pm.

Now is the time to step up and stand for something. Be yourself.

I’m hearing a lot of people say, “I’m not ready yet.”

Guess what? Total bullshit.

I know this because I’ve been saying this for years. I realize I’m looking into the mirror at myself when others are saying this to me. I’ve created this wishy-washy reaction I’m getting from others because I have not stood in my power.

And, I totally get all that stuff about being “feminine.” Being soft. I am all that too.

But …

If you and I do not stand up, STAND OUT, bold and fearless to do the work we were put on this Earth to do, what the hell are we here for?!

We are visionaries, mystics, healers, world transformers. If we don’t step up to do our work we are just playing small, and that doesn’t serve anyone.

So the next time you hear yourself saying …

“I’m not ready.”

“I don’t have time.”


… be honest with yourself. Ruthlessly honest. You know you are making bullshit excuses to stay small.

It’s OK to be afraid. It’s normal. We all have fear about being abandoned and rejected.

Feel the fear, move through it and JUST DO IT!

I AM HERE. We can start a club so we don’t have to feel alone or afraid to be ourselves anymore.

Loving you fiercely,



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