How are you at celebrating . . . you?

Summer is speeding along at the fastest pace possible. Sometimes it’s been hard to keep up. So many wonderful things to do, see, dream up and achieve.

I realize how much I’ve accomplished over the past seven months of the year and how little time I’ve spent acknowledging and celebrating all of the achievements.

So, right now, I welcome you to stop reading (after reading the upcoming steps) and DO the following exercise:

  1. Think about all that you have done, the big and the little victories, and write every one down.
  2. Write down one gift next to each item to help you celebrate: it could be signing up for a yoga or dance workshop that you’ve always wanted to take; a small shopping spree; dip in a hot springs; solitary walk on the beach; night out with friends.
  3. IMPORTANT STEP. DO NOT SKIP! Schedule each of these items in your calendar over the next few weeks–yep, if you don’t schedule in your celebration time it won’t happen.

Savor your accomplishments. When you complete a project, take the time to find reasons to celebrate and take at least three days to bask in the glow of achievement. (Take as much time as it takes to refill your well.)

Don’t just jump to the next project on your to-do list.

How do you savor and celebrate your accomplishments? Tell us all about it in the comments below.


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