How to Promote Yourself Shamelessly.

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LisaFavePolePic_smallToday’s question comes from Lisa Faulkner, The hot and sexy Pole Dancing PH.D.:

How do you promote your offering effectively and shamelessly without annoying the hell out of people?

There is some fear circulating around this question. We don’t want to be like that annoying marketer that inundates your email box with repeated messages about an offering. Right? So how can we ensure that we won’t?

First, remember that the core of the issue is not quantity, although there is a point when you’re overmailing/overmessaging and you need to know how much is too much. This is different for every audience. If you’re getting great feedback from the frequency of your mailings keep doing what you’re doing. Great feedback may not necessarily mean people reaching out to you directly. It could be number of opens/clicks for email. In social media, can measure retweets or shares or likes.

The core issue is quality. Are you delivering consistently good and useful content?

In social media, generally you can announce the same offer 2 times per day, separated by many hours, with slightly different copy so you don’t sound like a broken record. Also sprinkle in your fave quotes, help promote others’ stuff, post cool pics of you, your manifesto …

My experience and research has proven to me that it takes most people 5 or more times of seeing the same offer before they take it. Really. So, start promoting stuff at least 30 days in advance so you can do this without hitting people over the head with your offer. You’ll feel more confident and you will look golden to your audience. Who do we want to buy from? That person who looks like they know what they’re doing is going to put us at ease because we TRUST them.

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