Miracles, Magic & Money

The 6 Week Sacred Intensive to monetize your magic in a business that empowers you with more time, money, freedom and recognition.

Expand Your Healing Work & Your Influence Worldwide.

✨ Feel deep peace and clarity as you uncover the alchemical magic in your chakras that hold the blueprint to your path and purpose.
✨ Craft magnetic business offers & marketing content that draws in your best fit clients who are ready to pay for your services with joy and ease.
✨ Increase the power of your intuition & surrender into your flow state as you plan your most luscious 2023 using sharp visioning & cosmic planetary wisdom.
✨ Open the paths to miracles, magic & money using the principles of Alchemy and potent AF activations & initiations.
✨ No more playing small or hiding in the closet as you shift into an entrepreneur who owns their voice and shares their message and vision with the world⁠ — shame, guilt, and embarrassment FREE!

6-Week Group Intensive Runs Sunday November 20 – Sunday January 8, 2023.

Group Meets on Sundays for 60 minutes starting at 11:00am Pacific over Zoom. All meetings are recorded and archived for your convenience.

Are you ready to answer the call?

Hello Gorgeous!

I train the healers, therapists, coaches, strategists, writers, priestesses and creatives of all walks of life how to become potent AF alchemists of their energy.

In case you’ve never studied alchemy, it is the art of transmutation … and the original alchemists were the real healers, enchantresses and magicians.

They worked with CONSCIOUSNESS to bring transformation into any situation and transform the dark into the light.
How did they do this? By creating an elixir that balanced all of the elements and polarities to give birth to the third element. This elixir has been argued over for centuries: how is it made? What is it made of? This elixir has mistakenly been called a myth or a fantasy. It is real and I’ve been working with these principles consciously for 20 years.
Make no mistake my love, this period in our lives is a mythic, make or break moment. We are about to move through the portal of the upcoming eclipses and everything feels topsy-turvy, out of control and uncertain. Spend this time being the one who can step in and help others become their best selves. And, you need radical alignment to do this.
If you’re feeling a surge of excitement to do this with me, this is the time to dive in.
I will be helping you plan and prepare your offers and marketing content for 2023. I am an entrepreneur and 25+ year corporate veteran and not only that, I’ve helped many corporations and entrepreneurs reach their big dreamy goals. A few examples:
💎 One wanted to reach $1 Million in tea sales. Done within nine months.
💎 One wanted to win back 5,000-10,000 customers. Exceeded goal with 40,000 customers and nearly $2 Million in sales in 60 days.
💎 One wanted to double their newsletter list. Exceeded goal by tripling their list.

I know my stuff and I want to help you be successful on your own terms. Not everyone wants the responsibility of having a multi-million dollar company, and that’s perfectly ok.

Whatever your goals are for expanding your reach, your healing skills, your influence, your affluence and revenue, it is all sacred.


Week 1: Plan Your 2023 Like The Emperor/Empress You Are. We will activate your Root (1st) and Soul Star (8th) Chakras to connect into the higher dimensions and bring your purposeful action plan from Heaven to Earth! You’ll vision your new year and all the pleasures and business ideas that you wish 2023 to encompass. This will be your blueprint for the new year.
Week 2: Venus Calling. What is your quantum path to pleasure? It’s unique to each person and you’ll discover yours this week! This planet rules Love and Money so we will activate the Rainbow Bridge and connect the path of the Sacral (2nd) and Heart (4th) Chakras.
Week 3: Possibility, Passion & Purpose. Create your personal map for a life of wholeness, integrity and brilliance. We’ll dive into your desires and your 2023 goals & intention to create a down-to-earth PLAN. We will activate the Solar Plexus (3rd) & Brow (6th) Chakras.
Week 4: Surrender & Flow. We’ll dive into my favorite practices and Earth Magic to manage your energy and increase intuition during this most transformative and chaotic time on the planet! This module is about healing the fight or flight response and remembering that we manifest the best when we release ALL resistance. Not easy, I know, but we will do it! This week we will activate The Crown (7th), Zeal Point (base of the skull) and Earth Star Chakras (below your feet in the Earth).
Week 5: Become The Shapeshifter & Realm Bridger. Learn how to open and move through portals and timelines. You will shift your reality with Shamanic Soul Travel principles and the magical art of Pathworking. Chakra Activations include the Throat (5th) and Divine Angelic Realm (12th).
Week 6: Miracles of Abundance. Money expansion starts with awareness of your karmic & present life lineage blocks. We’ll clear and activate the Galactic (11th) chakra. We will clear old energy and anchor into a new money story that expresses the true purpose of your soul. We will make powerful money magic together with a ritual to empower ourselves as sovereign. You’ll remember how worthy and amazing you are–there is no other being like you in any other dimension or space. Awaken to who you were born on Earth to be!


I’ll personally look at your offers, pricing & packages, messaging and brand voice and ensure everything you have planned for Q4 2022 – Q4 2023 is on point and ready for launch!


❥ 6 x 1 hour intensive group sessions to learn alchemy & create energetic elixirs for quantum healing and growth in your business. VALUE: $2,000
❥ Personal review of your offers and marketing content throughout the 6 week intensive. VALUE: $3,000
❥ Business Planning & Marketing Tools, plus Checklists & Templates to help you get your offers to market quickly. VALUE: $450
❥ 30 Minute Video Training on Business Planning Using Your Personal Astrological Chart. VALUE: $250
❥ 6 x 15 minute audio meditations. VALUE: $450
❥ Optional: 4 x 30 minute 1-1 business strategy sessions. VALUE: $2,000

Limited Spots Available. Please Register By Saturday November 19th!

Choose From These Two Options:

❥ Option 1: Group Intensive Only – Click Here to Register

❥ Option 2: Group Intensive + 1-1 Mentorship (4 Individual Sessions for me to help you draft and craft your offers and marketing.) – Click Here to Register

Have questions & want to make sure this is the right program for you? Feel free to book a free chat with me HERE.


“When I first signed up for this 6 week course I knew it would be powerful with Kris’ beautiful energy facilitating it, but just how powerful was yet to be experienced. The results after just completing the first week have been mind blowing! I asked my dear friends to do the meditation with me and combined we have brought in almost $8000 in 24 hours after doing the meditation!!!!!!
Join the course! It’s amazing! If you’ve been on the fence about whether this course is for you, I’d say go for it, it’s incredible to see your life begin to take a path to ALL that you have been desiring to receive and then some!
Thank you for sharing your heart and soul with us Kris 🙌 ”
– Tracey Blackman, Reiki Teacher & Owner of Starborn Wellness, Ojai, CA
“I highly recommend Miracles, Magic and Money Chakra Activations with Kris Oster for women who are interested in connecting magic and ritual with crafting, creating, visioning, gaining clarity on, and planning their Business/es! Kris creates a powerful space that is both rooted and grounded as well as ethereal and in the dream-space. We can have it ALL as we birth our businesses – it does not have to be a linear, dry, stale and boring process! The most powerful aspect of this course has been connecting my unique stories and my gifts (superpowers) with my businesses, and with my big “WHY?”. Each week I feel more clear, excited and in my power as an entrepreneur and leader in my field/s. I understand myself better and a leader, which allows me to communicate to those whom I most want to serve and connect with in my work!
If you are ready for the NEXT stage in your business, this is your course!”
– Lisa Beck, Dancer, Designer (Blue Eye Designs) and Tour Guide


I’m here to revolutionize business by teaching entrepreneurs & business owners how to activate their personal brand of magic & healing so they can create more ease & prosperity in their lives and livelihoods.
✔ has both 25+ years proven experience working for some of the world’s most recognizable brands (E! TV, Paramount Pictures, Disney, Perry Ellis, Citrix Online), plus has a Ph.D in Mythological studies in hand.
✔ has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs double and triple their newsletter lists and increase their sales 10-30%, by teaching them to put pleasure FIRST.
✔ has written email newsletters & automation series for corporate clients and entrepreneurs that raised over $1,000,000 in revenue within 9-12 months. (I once wrote a SINGLE newsletter that brought in $500,000 within 72 hours. Not bad for a goddess-loving, hippy drummer chick.)
✔ has been devotedly studying and applying the wisdom of tarot, astrology and esoteric sacred magic since age 12.
✔ has 10+ years teaching creative entrepreneurs marketing strategy, business development and content creation that converts.
✔ shows how to work directly with the particular goddess energy you need in the moment–like having them on speed dial whenever you need immediate help–through quick, simple esoteric rituals and gentle body movement, so you stay connected to your true essence.
✔ has over 25 years of professional experience in marketing, copywriting, social media, website coding, TV production, and archetypal branding, blending sound strategy and money mindset with magical manifestation principles.
✔ practices & applies Celtic & Brazilian shamanism, Italian witchcraft and yogic principles daily.
✔ understands you have demands on your time (working your business, taking care of family …) and can’t just sit around all day journaling and meditating.
✔ doesn’t assign unnecessary “homework” that creates even more overwhelm.


I’m handpicking people who apply today for a partial scholarship price.
Apply for scholarship pricing and if it looks like this program is a perfect fit for you, I will contact you within 24 hours to get you registered.
Email me the answers to the following questions:
1. What part of the group intensive really lit you up when you read about it?
2. What is your intention for this group intensive?
3. Are you committed to working with me and the materials for the full 6 weeks?
4. Why are you in need of a scholarship at this time?
Send your email to krisoster@gmail.com with “Scholarship Application” in the subject line.
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