Soup Zen: Fill up your tummy and your soul.

My multi-talented husband, Shaun, has created the ultimate Zen experience for cooking entitled Soup Zen. You can walk through each step of the process from chopping, to making the broth, to blending the soup … as Shaun talks you through it in his calm voice along with original compositions that bring you deeper into the meditation.

The base recipe for his “DaDa Soup” is vegan and a fantastic way to get the kiddies to eat their veggies every day.

I’m so proud. This project has taken him awhile to finish, but it is soooo worth the wait.

Here’s some background on Shaun and this project …

Shaun began as a private chef for many famous people (whom he would rather I not mention out of respect to his clients), and has always had a reputation for creating unique dishes that are healing both nutritionally and energetically. I can’t help but just feel good, when I eat his cooking. So much passion and love – the main ingredients for cooking that can heal your body, mind and spirit.

Equally unique to his cooking was this idea for a vegetarian cookbook; it’s an ebook/iBook that features full video. Shaun shares his most beloved soup-making technique in exquisite detail, really focused on teaching the lesson thoughtfully.

There are videos detailing the preparation of each ingredient, and they are long, as they are intended to be played while you actually cook along side – like a cooking class. Followed by some recipe variations like a normal cookbook. Shaun’s intentions were for these videos to “feel real.” No attempt to create a false sense of perfection. Just clear direction and skillfull cooking in his actual kitchen.

What’s more, he single-handedly composed and performed the music, shot the photos/video in his kitchen with flood lights and sheets as diffusers, edited, published, and hand-programmed the website to play the book any computer or tablet. Just like the iBook! You can see for yourself, the first chapter and over half the book, plays for free. Just click here to see it. (Especially good on iPad!)

What an effort!! He commited to passing this knowledge on, and did not let anything hold him back.

Anyway, I really hope you have a chance to watch some of his videos and appreciate this new idea in artistic teaching. If you love it, please support him with a lifetime subscription (only $10.99) and send him a message that we want more books like this!

And, one dollar out of every subscription will be donated to


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