Spellbound 2018: A Bewitching Biz Retreat in Glastonbury

So, Last year my biz bestie Demi and I held this magical little retreat in Glastonbury, Avalon that blew our minds and was a total game changer …

… and this year, we are going to do it all over again with even more deliciousness, pleasure and biz wisdom to offer you!

Spellbound is our gorgeous sacred biz offering, inviting you to dive deep into the seductive soul of your business and emerge as Sovereign Queen. To take up your throne and your power, and to run your biz according to YOUR rules.

We are so over women having no fun in their business.

We are sooooo done with feeling like because we are witchy weirdos we can’t be successful and fulfilled at work.

And we are so, SO done with hustling and pushing to compete in a powersuit-and-shoulderpads masculine way in the world.

We want to relax into our own enchantment.
We want to be free, magical and powerful.

It’s time to call on the enchanting nectar of Aphrodite to invoke more pleasure and magic in our work.

Spellbound is a three day retreat in the powerful landscape of Glastonbury Avalon where we combine savvy business marketing with sacred ritual to dramatically invoke change in your work.

As with all magical workings, we will first connect with our inner Sourceress to download our intuitive-imaginative power of creation. Once we have tapped into our source and the ideas and inspiration are flowing, we will use drumming, body movement and ritual to root all of our enchantment into the earth. It is in the physical realm that our most provocative business strategies will take flight.

Why Glastonbury?
Because for thousands of years Glastonbury’s strong catalysing energy has been recognised as a powerful portal to the sacred. We want to immerse in that transformative energy, that powerful earth magic. It’s the perfect place for witch-queens to gather and enchant their business.

At Spellbound, we invoke our guiding goddess Morgan Le Fey, the Enchantress Queen of Avalon. She teaches us about truth, power and desire, guiding us to blossom into full feminine leadership through trials and challenges. She is a queen who does not deny the darkness, and gives us full permission to be imperfect but worthy.

You will be supported by Kris Oster, our marketing + branding maven, who has dedicated her life to pursuing pleasure in marketing, and Demi Fox as your resident priestess, ritualist, Avalonian guide and copywriting coach.

This year, we want to give you even MORE support so that you can build a business that seduces you every day.

We’ll begin the Spellbound journey with an online marketing, branding and copywriting primer that will set you up for success.

Pre-Retreat 4-Week Online Marketing Workshop

If you join us for Spellbound, there is some marketing and copywriting prep to be done to sharpen up your focus. You will attend the retreat and get the fullest benefit from the rituals, lessons and embodiment work we do there.

The online marketing workshop will run 4 weeks starting in mid-August 2018 and the work we do there will help you get crystal clear on what it is your soul wishes to birth and express through your business. Even better: you will begin to get excited by all those pesky business running skills like copywriting and product creation.

The Spellbound Online Workshop Blow-by-Blow:

Week 1: Come Hither. Get uber clear on who your audience/dream client is and what you want to offer them.

Week 2: Shadow Play. Do not fear your dark side! When you can give yourself the green light to be your whole self in your business, you are so much more relatable and irresistible to your dream clients.

The Shadow is just another frame to talk about the dormant energy that lies within us. Untapped. Lo and behold, your shadow is often the honey that attracts your most raving fans!

Week 3: Your Secret Potion. What archetypes you are expressing through your brand? Once you know the invisible forces at play behind your work you will know the most potent images and language to use in your marketing to attract the customers you crave.

Week 4: Seduction of the Highest Order. Get ready to rock your marketing content. What are the best mediums to put your message out into the world that will reach your ideal customers + make you feel in your element?

We’ll wade through it all … newsletters, videos, podcasting, guest blogging, social media strategies, live events, PR and joint ventures.

During each week of this course you will complete a copywriting assignment too––these foundational pieces (aka “first drafts”) will be the gems that you’ll polish to their highest shine during the Glastonbury in-person retreat.

We want you to be orgasmically going UUUUUUHHHHHH COPYWRITING YES YES YES!

We want you to know what entrepreneurial stage you’re in: the way you love to express and share yourself with the world (cough, cough … this is marketing) and begin to clear away any blocks to being powerfully and magnetically seen by sexy folk who want what you have to offer.

You will discover through magic and archetypes the places where you feel sexy and powerful and ready to entice an enraptured audience.

Think of Spellbound as an enchanted finishing school for Queens. You’ll get the kingdom-ruling skills you need to hold and embody that magnificent vision. Having a map of your kingdom so you know where your subjects hang out and where the forests are.

During the pre-retreat online course, we’ll have a chat with you and figure out what it is you most need to work on to birth yourself as a witchy biz badass before you get to Glastonbury.

Archetypal Branding Tarot Reading + Channeling

Our mermaid oracle Kris Oster is going to give you an incredible business tarot reading before our time together in Avalon to help you get even clearer about your work and what you are here to do.

Last year, our participants were unanimously blown away by Kris’ insight and inspiration in their business readings – like WOAH. Kris is a skilled priestess with over 30 years of tarot and marketing experience, so you deffo want in on this.

Demi, Vienna (retreat participant) and Kris during a frolic through the faerie Avalon Apple Orchard beneath the Tor.

The Retreat Schedule (September 29-October 1, 2018)

Day 1: Invoking

We welcome you to our Witchy, Goddess Temple Space, and begin to dive deep with branding. We will explore the core themes that say who YOU are, who you are becoming and will guide you in how you express yourself through your work.

Branding is basically the lens people see you through: the sexy clothes you wear and how they make you and everyone around you feel. Let’s discover the magic spell that you weave through your work.

We will explore the archetype of the Sovereign, the Queen, and come into alignment of what it means to rock out queen vibes.

We finish the day with a profound ritual inviting you to claim your power as Queen.

Day 2: Embodying

We will relax deeply into the Divine Feminine and explore what it means to run a business through the power of the FEMININE. We tap into the feminine powers of Pleasure and Beauty, and figure out how we can apply them to our business.

What’s the point of running your own biz if you are having a shitty time?

We are going to let go of old beliefs that tell us what we MUST be in order to be successful, and write our own rulebook. We will shift the lensing of how we do what we do, and figure out how can our plans for world domination be more fun!

We end the day with a magical ritual on one of the most sacred, cleansing parts of Glastonbury, The White Spring. It is here that many participants from last year had incredible breakthroughs as they entered the center of the sanctuary. Truly unforgettable!

Day 3: Enchanting

In day three we get down to it and start pulling together all of our ideas and wisdom into a cohesive plan of what we are going to launch, create and promote in the next six months AND HOW.

We will gather about our Round Table of Queens and discuss in depth marketing strategy and plan like mo-fos on a mission.

Kris and I will be on hand to help solve your marketing woes.

Today is the day of Vision, of creating a dream so tangible and tasty it feels real … and creating a pathway to get there.

We finish the day late in the afternoon with a magical spell on Glastonbury Tor to enchant our desires into manifestation.

Homeward bound!

Now, Queen, it’s up to you to work your enchanting magic to make your spell come true.

Everyone takes home Demi’s specially crafted and designed retreat Spellbook. This business magic grimoire contains all of the magical plans and rituals you’ll need for the coming six months.

We’d love to have you join us. We wanna call all the witch-queens together and get you out there making serious dollar doing what you love.

Our beautiful space during the 2017 Spellbound Retreat … in the luscious Rhiannon Room.

The Spellbound Avalon Retreat takes place September 29th to October 1st (Saturday, Sunday, Monday) in Glastonbury UK.

The main retreat sessions will be held at The Goddess House in the Nolava Room. Goddess House is located on Magdalene Street in Glastonbury, UK.

Registration is open until August 1, 2018 (you’ll need time to dive into your pre-ritual work) and the whole witchy experience costs £750.

We have a payment plan if you need it: three payments of £250 with the last payment being September 1, 2018.

And you can pay in either GBP or US Dollars … have a different currency from what we are offering? Do let us know and we can create a PayPal link just for YOU.

[button url=”https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=LTB5B3E8AXWXG”]Spellbound Non-Refundable Deposit: 250 GBP[/button]

[button url=”https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=K3PVLHS4W3ETW”]Spellbound Non-Refundable Deposit: 340 USD[/button]

[button url=”https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=HQJMSQK7SJDP4″]Spellbound Full Payment: 750 GBP[/button]

[button url=”https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=ZE2T3B4UW4FMC”]Spellbound Full Payment: 1,000 USD[/button]

Are you a Spellbound Alumni? Please do come again! This is the sort of retreat you can repeat each year, or whenever you need a dose of fresh perspective in your business and branding.

Because we love you and want you to come again we are offering all alumni £200 discount. Simply email Kris and she will hook you up with a special coupon code to enter on the sign up page.

Here’s a breakdown of all the goodness included in Spellbound:

  1. 4-Week Online Marketing, Branding and Copywriting Course
  2. Personal Archetypal Brand Tarot Reading
  3. 3-Days of Retreat Activities (classes, rituals, excursions to sacred sites like Chalice Well, White Spring and the Tor) in Glastonbury
  4. Lunch on all 3 retreat days
  5. Kris’ new book Unbound: Create a Sacred Business With Pleasure at Center
  6. Demi’s Spellbinding Retreat Spellbook (took our breath away at last year’s retreat and we’re all still referring back to it regularly!)

Please Note: The retreat fee doesn’t include accommodation or meals other than lunch, but don’t worry we can hook you up with cool places to stay and luscious places to eat.

Praise from our Spellbinding 2017 Attendees


“The Spellbound retreat was an amazing experience. Demi and Kris helped me develop my Queendom.
The rituals were awesome and one of my favourite parts of the retreat was visiting the feminine White Spring where we had a ceremony.

I had a fun time and meet some wonderful ladies who also helped me on my journey. My business side has really set off since then.

I would strongly recommend this retreat!”

– Maria Afentakis, The Spiritual Scientist, www.mariaafentakis.com

“I left Glastonbury in 2017 feeling, well … Spellbound!

What an incredible weekend with wonderful women coming together in circle to connect, inspire and create business wizardry. I loved hearing and exploring all the ideas and experiencing the archetypal energies that were brought into the room through play, dance, meditation and writing exercises.

Coming into my body again felt juicy, and I left with what I came for: CLARITY. The delicious rituals that Demi created cemented key pillars in my business and stopped my constant wavering and changing.

One of the most powerful experiences of the year for me and certainly the least expected, occurred within the sacred space of the White Spring with our intimate group of women. I felt the Goddess connect with me and was reminded that I know my purpose and to step into it bringing tears to my cheeks. What a way to finish.

If you are stumbling around your business, unsure of what you or it stands for, and need nurturing, playful nudging to bring clarity, I highly recommend you step through the door into the business birthing room with the powerful duo of Demi and Kris.”

Helen Dixon, UK

“Glastonbury is a magical, transformational setting for this retreat and Kris and Demi are such loving and supportive hosts.

Kris is an amazing guide into the psyche and powerfully helps you to discover relevant parts of yourself, and how you can bring them with more awareness into your work and life.

Demi is a brilliant ceremonial priestess, and her Queen ritual was so potent and magical!

I’d recommend this retreat to fellow magical peeps who feel called to this kind of work, to share this work, and to live magical lives.”

– Ellie Brucia, The Mer Priestess, instagram.com/themerpriestess/

About Demi

Demi Fox is a witch, a shadow hunter, a mermaid, a dancer, an artist and a ritual Priestess. She has been following the path of the Goddess for the last 17 years, and is a Priestess of Morgan le Fey. A total dream chaser, she has worked as a professional mermaid, as a dedicated Belly Dancer, as an award-winning Burlesque Dancer and runs the site Rockstar Priestess, where she talks about goddess spirituality, the mermaid archetype and the awesomeness of Avalon.

Demi has trained as a Sister of Avalon in Glastonbury and has spent lots of time here – she’s our Morgen Guide to the landscape this weekend!

She’s a damn powerful ritual priestess, intuitive artist, and sacred muse: she’s here this weekend to hold the visionary space, to guide you in gorgeous rituals, inspire you to really, really make your dreams reality and to help you craft your dreams with Venusian flair.

About Kris

Kris Oster, Ph.D is a brand strategist and marketing copywriter that coaches creative and spiritually-minded entrepreneurs who are determined to find more meaning, magic AND profit in their businesses.

She was a once a corporate marketing director and lead website developer for some pretty big names, including Citrix Online, E! Entertainment Television, Disney, ABC, Paramount Pictures. She even made her employer $1 million with a single e-newsletter once.

But, like you, she heard the siren’s call and decided to pursue a life of pleasure, doing what she loves.

She has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs create a business and livelihood that feels otherworldly … seductive … enthralling … and totally pleasure-soaked.

When Kris isn’t working, you can find her priestessing rituals, writing mermaid erotica, dancing Indian classical and fusion styles, playing her congas, or frolicking in the surf with her 10-year old girl.

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