The Business of Self-Love + Self-Nurturing

Aparna Khanolkar. Photo by Lucinda Kinch -

Aparna Khanolkar. Photo by Lucinda Kinch –

“Self-love is knowing that you are worthy and deserving of your own love. It is also having the experience of your own divinity. You honor and respect yourself in ways that allow you to honor and respect others as your equal. Make self-love your daily ritual. Soak in the healing energy you create for yourself. From that place, your life and business will merge into one and you will have success and satisfaction.”— by Aparna Khanolkar

Aparna offers timeless healing wisdom based on Ayurvedic principles that can be applied in all areas of your life. Including your career/livelihood!

I was feeling so sore and nervous the week before the Solstice Parade, so I called her. I knew I needed a healing treatment. But what to get? Abyangha (full body oil massage) or Shirodhara (oil run over the third eye/forehead area)? She advised that I receive the Abyangha treatment to open up and soften the muscles.

I felt so radiant afterwards that I had a halo around me! I was glowing and everyone around me noticed. One of the things people said is that my energy was lighter. I laughed more, was relaxed and was not suffering from the muscle aches and pains!

Aparna so kindly contributed her wise principles for my eBook Goddess Guide to Business Bliss due out this August (pre-order for just $9). Self-nurturing and self-love are essential ingredients to success in the business world. Right living is key. After all, what good is a bank account full of moola going to be if you’re stressed out, unhappy and diseased?

Much more to come your way in August! And, I will include business wisdom from other Goddesses too. Eeeeeeee!

And, here are Aparna’s top 3 tips for creating business bliss:

  1. Meditate: Make this your top self-love ritual. 10-15 minutes twice a day is plenty. Whatever style of meditation you choose, do it everyday. Meditation gives your body and mind many benefits. These benefits will help your business and success.
  2. Eat: Cooking for yourself is one of the greatest acts of self-nurturance. There is no restaurant cook or chef that will nourish you through food the way you can for yourself. Simple is key here.
  3. Self-massage: Take some warm oil and give yourself a luscious massage everyday. No special technique involved. Just get naked and start with your face and work your way down to the bottoms of your feet. And let the oil soak in for 10 minutes before you take hot shower.

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