You are irresistible … yep, it’s true!

I know you are a guilty pleasure for at least one person in the world. Revel in that thought! Claim your irresistibility.

I believe that using myth and story in your marketing can transform and heal the masses. And, in the end, attract a lot more clients and ultimately bring in more cashflow.

Story is the most profound way to make an impact in a noisy marketplace … AND in your audience’s lives.

A good story moves us to make a decision or take action. It’s been proven that we make decisions based on how we feel. If you believe that you make decisions rationally, think again. (Just read Dan Ariely’s books)

I know that when you discover your good story that will inspire others to not just buy your stuff or buy into your ideas, but to become avid fans hanging on your every word. Clamoring to work with you, buy your book. Waiting in anticipation for what you’re going to do next.

Great marketing delivers just as much as your product or service does. Your audience desires nothing less. Give them what they want. Unforgettable experiences. Unforgettable stories.

Become a guilty pleasure for your tribe by telling the story that you’ve been holding back. I want to tell more of your stories in this newsletter, so let me know if you’d like to share. As a yummy goody, I’ll give you a free Muse Session (1 hour to talk to me about any project, your business, etc. to get more inspired ideas). Send me an email if you’re interested in playing!

My mission around sharing your stories is to empower you to step into your irresistible healing capabilities. Great stories heal you as well as your listeners. Truly. Why else would people pay a therapist to listen to their stories for an hour?

Speaking of good stories and guilty pleasures … tune in tonight at 5:30-7:00pm Pacific time for a Google Hangout, Awaken Sleeping Beauty: Marketing to Wake up the Masses. As I know you’ve heard me say before, marketing is a golden opportunity for healing. Never before in all of history has online entrepreneurship exploded like this. Opportunities to jump in and promote are endless, but I want to see more of these opportunities awaken people to their highest potential for love and healing. I do not advocate fear and low self-esteem based marketing tactics. And I know you are with me on this!

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Client Story: Lisa Beck, Lisa Beck Living, Panzumo
Dancer, Choreographer, Musician, Writer, Entrepreneur.205763_474047645990679_1982089232_n

Lisa’s a true quintuple threat, sings like an angel and drums like a woman-on-fire.

Her favorite characters are …

Mary Poppins–because she’s smart, pretty, calm and collected, put together, magical;

Maria (from The Sound of Music)–because she’s creative, musical, inventive, courageous, falls in love, finds her truth;

Cat in the Hat–because he’s silly, mischievious, different, witty;

Cinderella–because she’s the underdog, connected to animals, imagination, has a fairy godmother, won her man;

Dorothy (from The Wizard of Oz)–because she’s an animal lover, kind and sweet, pretty and a heroine (she saves the day!).

I’m always amazed when I read about who my clients’ favorite characters are and why because I see them in the characters’ qualities so clearly.

Our stories, which we can also call our personal mythology, are woven into and by our favorite characters from novels, myths, film, comics and TV.

Sit down and think about your favorite characters and see if you can find the themes they represented flowing through parts of your life today. It’s uncanny how it works.

Lisa was kind enough to be one of my first Beta clients (she said “I’ll be your guinea pig!”) which I’ll be forever grateful for. I learned so much working with her the past three months. It truly has been a joy and a privilege for me.

When I asked her to tell me the top 10 results she got out of working with me in my Prosperous Creativity 90-day marketing immersion she didn’t hesitate:

1. New ideas for offerings (and new ways to present them)

2. Email marketing / social media ideas and expertise

3. Greater trust in myself

4. Increase in the amount of love, joy and purpose I feel as an entrepreneur!

5. Re-connection with my younger self through writing and imagining

6. Clarity about who I truly am and who I serve (my audience)

7. Greater confidence in my work and my gifts

8. Copy writing skills

9. Greater connection to and clarity about my unique personal myth and magic

10. Momentum! Getting that gentle push and support that I need!

Lisa is generously offering you the first two chapters of her wellness eBook, which has great writing prompts to get in tune with what you need to feel healthy and strong. Plus you can read her good story of how she embarked on her journey to embodiment, physical well-being and a joy-filled life. She has so much wisdom to share.

Sign up for her Lisa Beck Living newsletter and she’ll deliver your free chapters lickety split!

Thank you Lisa!

Here’s to creating a life filled with irresistible stories.



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