A Magical Venus Ritual Meditation for Love & Abundance

“Venus sucks. Seriously, it’s the worst. The global temperature is as hot as an oven, the atmospheric pressure is 90 times Earth, and it rains sulfuric acid. Every part of the surface of Venus would kill you dead in moments.” (“Why is Venus so Horrible?” by Fraser Cain)

Sublime Venus.

Goddess of Love, Sensuality, Sexuality, Beauty, Art, Money and …

Goddess of a pure ASS KICKING.

We love to think of her as a fluffy showgirl–flaunting her ample cleavage, firm & round derriere and long legs. Or, as Botticelli painted her, gracefully floating with the softest breezes on a scalloped shell pulled by whimsical dolphins.

Ah, foolish mortals! Do not let her looks deceive you.

She is the same Venus who nearly killed Psyche with her trials of initiation. She is the same Venus who punished Eos, Goddess of the Dawn, with an unquenchable thirst for young men. And, the one who killed Heracles for seducing her lover Adonis.

Venus, or Aphrodite as she is known in Greece, is often vindictive and cruel in many of her mythologies. She is not one to trifle with.

And, she is not to be contained. She cannot be controlled. We see this in her beautiful mythological lineage. We know that Aphrodite (Venus) was born after Cronos (Saturn) cut off his father’s testes. His father was Uranus.

Yep, he cut off his nuts. He took them and threw them into the ocean and out of that foamy semen emerges Aphrodite. Straight out of the water, out of this seminal, generative matrix. Most of us have been taught that Venus is underneath, subservient, to Zeus.

In this blog, I want you to connect with that POWER that is the true Venus: your original essence before the world told you who you were supposed to be.

CLICK HERE to listen and perform this empowering ritual to venerate Venus.

Remember: the heart is its own archetypal universe.

I love that the Sufi and romantic, western mythologies recognize that the heart is made of the fire element. The burning passion that warms our bodies and leads us towards communion with Divine Love.

I love that in eastern philosophies like Hinduism the heart is the seat of Prana, the life force. The air element. Freedom. Movement. Change. Lightness.

We have both notions to nourish us in different ways. Both are necessary to experience unconditional love on the physical, Earth plane.

The Fire Heart asks us to be the Phoenix: burn down the old, stale and stagnant and anything that does not serve Divine Love. The ashes of our old bodies fertilize the birth of the new being.

The fire seeks love through union and Eros, the glue of two bodies in ecstatic union that purifies the Soul.

It is immanence.

The Air Heart asks us to be the River: it flows and dances, shifts and moves. It is formless and changeless so there is no need to burn anything to the ground. It is pure light and spirit.

It is transcendence.

The reality is finding a way to honor both aspects of our Divine Love and it starts within.

Commit to unconditional love. Commit yourself to The Lover Divine before devoting yourself to another human.


For the past two months, I’ve venerated the mythological couple Parvati & Shiva of the Hindu pantheon in order to bring about a deeper commitment to the true priorities in my life, and to manifest the man I wish to have as my lifelong companion.

The picture above is from the opening ritual I performed with my teacher Daniela to align with their energies and call in the magic to embody the qualities they represent: strength, devotion, sacred sexuality, and the ultimate power couple devoted to bringing blessings to the world through their co-creations.

In my Imaginative Play dialogues with Parvati, she shared a profound insight with me that touched me deeply.

“Honor the difference between attachment & commitment.”

This was such a game-changer for me!

Was I more attached to the notion of having a lover-companion rather than being 100% committed to becoming the woman I wish to be, through which a love relationship would naturally flow?!

Am I attached to a certain outcome (fame, abundance, love) rather than committing to the inner work that would make this magic happen?

BIG eye opener to say the least.

And, now I’m working on myself rather than seeking, reaching (and let’s be honest here) or pining, for that companion! Pining is the equivalent of whining to the Universe about what you want. So NOT an empowered place to manifest from.

Funny enough, in mid-February I began to coach another powerful woman how to connect with her inner Goddess archetypal figures through ritual, music, imaginal play, meditation, journaling and chanting. And, then in March, I was describing the process to another friend and she enthusiastically declared she wanted the same coaching … and she told one of her friends … you get the picture.

This is not something that is even on my website yet! This new way of coaching feels so delightful to me and I’m ready and available to coach two more women. If you’d love to illuminate your connection with your Goddesses within, schedule a heart-to-heart chat with me and I can answer your questions.

With love & pleasure,

About Me:

I’m a channel of the sacred feminine, author, archetypal brand strategist and a business & life coach who inspires creative, magical women to embody their unique feminine essence so they can bring in more prosperity, joy and sensuality into their lives.

Once upon a time, I was a corporate marketing director and lead website developer for some pretty big names, including Citrix Online, E! Entertainment Television, Disney, ABC, Paramount Pictures. I once made my employer $1 million with a single newsletter. (Not bad for a goddess-loving, hippy drummer chick.)

I’m devoted to revolutionizing how women heal themselves through the archetypes of the sacred feminine so that they can shine as their authentic selves with ease and grace.

My coaching programs, online courses, live retreats and books inspire women around the world to get turned on and create a life & business filled to the brim with pleasure!

Magical woman, if you’re done with struggling and trying to figure it out on your own and you’re ready for SACRED and DIVINE TRANSFORMATION, then I invite you to have a heart-to-heart chat with me. Bring a cup of tea or your favorite kombucha, and let’s map out your sensual Goddess makeover together.

Click the link below and let’s get your juicy ascension started.



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