Free 1-Hour Branding Playshop, Bewitch Your Audience


You want to create a brand that’s eternal. Something deep and profound that stands the test of time.

That goes beyond trendy marketing “tactics” that work for a select number of people for a very short period of time.

After this spreecast, you’ll walk away with a map to begin building the foundation of your LIVING legacy brand.

Because you don’t want to wait until you’re dead to make a difference.

(Halley Gray, awesome human being + phenomenal strategist, and I had a few jokes going yesterday when we talked about this…along with our favorite scenes from the BEST movie evah, Young Frankenstein! “Ain’t got no-body…”)

Don’t be a deadbeat, come to my Spreecast, LOL…

ok, I’ll stop with the bad death jokes.

What: Recorded Spreecast, Bewitch Your Audience
Where: The Spreecast recording was deleted because Spreecast went from a free service to a paid one. I’m going to do a repeat of this class on Google Hangouts so it will be available for eternity … or something.

For now, feel free to check out the slides:


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