Branding is Healing: Mermaid Sara Gonzalez

For the next month I’m featuring beautiful, soulful entrepreneurs who consciously use mythological motifs in their marketing and branding to call in their tribes and heal the world.

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 12.47.51 PMMy second interview is with Sara Gonzalez, a Las Vegas artist, writer and healer … who was featured in Doreen Virtue’s book Mermaids 101!

Sara embraces her magical enchanting loving spirit. Her transformation is shared through her drawings and paintings. The subjects are usually mythical, spiritual, emotional and of worlds that seem far beyond our reach. She believes they are right here in front of us, and her art is a reminder. Each mysterious image has an energy. An empowering essence that can heal, inspire and awaken the tender places in our hearts.

1. When did you become the mermaid goddess that you are today?

I knew deep down that my soul and essence was from the Oceans. Back in 2007 I was awakened to the truth consciously.

2. How did you receive the siren call?

Friends and healers who are connected to the Divine in such a powerful way, saw this in my aura. Along with beautiful dreams of my own who have confirmed this to be so. The feeling of having the Ocean within is so natural for me. To be in and around water is all love, its refreshing, purifying, peaceful, and gives a sense of freedom to the soul. Always going deep and finding those hidden sacred treasures, has been apart of me ever since I was a child. Along with the existence of the angels, guiding me to my life’s purpose. Actually not too long ago Doreen Virtue put me in her Mermaids 101 book, as an inspiring mermaid artist! I was so excited and it was great to be a part of that light!

3. Favorite mermaids and myths and stories?

I would have to say my most favorite mermaid tales are the ones I have written myself from the heart. I connect to them so much, and I’m looking forward to sharing them in the near future. Of course one my favorites are always to the classic story by Hans Christen Anderson, “The Little Mermaid”. In this story unconditional love is always present and good lessons for people to learn in this famous tale.

4. You are an artist and healer mermaid … tell us more about how you work and how you use the mermaid myth in your marketing.

I like to sell my art prints online and in person. I use social media such as Facebook, Google plus, Instagram, WordPress, Fine Art of America, and my own website to reach as many as possible. I would love to have my art work on products too, so I’m looking into contracting with other companies to make this possible. Since I write, I would love to put them in the form of e-books in the near future. I have been doing healings for friends and family for a long time now, and the outcome has been amazing. I’m forming my own techniques with God’s love and light, till I create a package for others to love.

5. What are you up to these days? What’s coming up that you want people to know about?

Right now I am working on a new line of art work that merges with the Ocean realms. I’m using oil paint and water color right now for these projects. Themes of mermaids and underwater scenes have been my joy, and will continue to be my love. More creations are to come to inspire, heal and bring beauty to the world. Along with fairy tales and wisdom from my Ocean Heart, coming straight from above for people to read. So for now, I bring others along my life’s journey, my colorful Ocean Stream of where God and its loving light is taking my soul.


10358008_10153065921923378_876484241_nSara’s Journey began in Los Angeles, California where she grew up always sketching and doodling as a child. From there she moved to LasVegas Nevada, where she earned her Art degree at UNLV. She has donated her paintings to non-profit organizations that are in federal buildings, and hospitals. She has been an art instructor and directed art programs for the Boys and Girls Club of America, helping with summer art programs. She has organized and prepared students for national art competitions through this organization as well. After apprenticing for a year with various artists, Sara traveled through Europe studying the great artists and paintings of the world. She has been to one of the most outstanding and influential galleries, museums, and monuments. This has helped her expand her creativity and imagination. After traveling, some of her deepest learning came from healing obstacles that came in her pathway. Sara’s interest in angels and the spiritual realm deepen, and encompassed the divine spirit within all of us. So began the icon of the mermaids.

Where to find Sara in the virtual world:

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