Demi, the Mermaid Priestess, Artist, Dancer + Entrepreneur.

You know I’m obsessed with mermaids. What you may not know is that I’m obsessed with finding more merfolk to play with online and in real life.

And we seem to find each other somehow.

I’m not exactly sure when I first met Demi, but truly, she was a revelation. Even though I had plastered photos of myself as a mermaid all over my website, I didn’t really FEEL like a mermaid. I just thought I was weird or mildly disturbed. Both are somewhat true actually.

When I saw Demi living and breathing as a Mermaid Entrepreneurial Priestess my heart and mind lit up.

Because sometimes we need like-minded souls to mirror for us those hidden soul parts that we have denied for far too long.

Without more ado – I give you Demi, unadulterated … Mermaid Priestess, Artist, Dancer + Entrepreneur.

Ukelele mermaid for hire UK Melusine WmWhen did you become the Mermaid Priestess that you are today?

I feel like my mermaid priestess-ness has slowly been coming together over the last six years, since I turned 20. It’s like I strip back a layer and there are mermaids there, and the more I discover about myself and the more deeply I fall into my spirituality, the more mermaids there are. I really feel that I am a Mermaid Priestess – mermaids are all about strength and self love, sovereignty and following your own star, whatever that might be, and that really resonates with me as a total dreamchaser.

How did you receive the siren call?

For me, it’s always been mermaids. I rediscovered Mermaids in university when researching folklore stories for my art degree, after a childhood of being completely obsessed with The Little Mermaid.

The stories and the lore of the mermaids really spoke to me. They are such a union of light and shadow, of being exactly who they are and not giving a fuck if they are contradictory or too emotional or wild or not what someone wants. I’ve been a spiritual peep since I was about 12, discovering the Goddess through witchcraft, and Mermaids to me are just the ultimate expression of the Divine Feminine – they are sovereignty, self love, and pure badacity rolled into one.

I just can’t even tell you how excited and worked up I get about the Mermaid Archetype. Eeep!

Favorite mermaids and myths and stories?

Of course, Disney’s The Little Mermaid has been a huge influence on everything that happened after I was seven years old. I think it’s the chasing a dream no matter what aspect of it that got me – Ariel always wanted to go to the human world no matter what, Prince Eric was just an excuse really. She would have done it anyway.

There are so many stories I love, but the thing I love most about them is that Mermaids were used as a way to demonise Womenkind, so were given all the “bad bits” of woman – beauty, jealousy, insatiable sexual appetite (wink wink!), danger, mystery, changeable natures, sexiness – and were used to show how scary and evil and powerful women were. Isn’t that just so cool?

Mermaids show the raw wild realness of women, and represent a true, whole, unedited feminine essence – with all the good stuff and the shitty stuff.

And you know what? Mermaids are always cool with who they are, no matter what they do or how evil they are, and that’s what made them so terrifying in the past – a woman who knows she is great just as she is and respects herself, no matter what.

You are a dancer, writer and priestess mermaid … tell us more about your work and how you use the mermaid myth in your marketing.

I gave up all pretence of living a normal human 9-5ish life just over a year ago. It’s not for me, and it never was. I’m pretty much all mermaids all the time.

I actually work as a professional mermaid, as in, it’s my job to rock up and be a mermaid to entertain people, and am a co-founder of the top UK mermaid performance company Merlesque (and our site lives at ). We like to use all the mermaid aspects possible, which means you can see us enchanting children at birthday parties by day, and singing dirty songs about drowning men in burlesque clubs at night.

My other main job is a belly dance teacher and dance performer – if a mermaid gave up swimming for walking, I am pretty sure it would be because she wanted to dance!

april mermaid watermarked littleCurrently I am training as a Priestess of the Goddess at the Goddess Temple in Glastonbury. Spirituality has always been a huge part of my life, and I totally fell in love with the Divine Feminine in my early teens. I run a spiritual blog and biz called Rockstar Priestess over at and I talk a lot about my training process in Glastonbury, the Goddess, Priestessing, and a whole bunch about Mermaids too of course.

I paint portraits of people as mermaids, for people who want more mermaid magic in their life and who, on some level, WISH they could leave the human world behind and be free as a mermaid forever.

In every professional circle I am known as The Mermaid. That’s how people get introduced to me now – “Have you met Demi? She’s a mermaid…”

What are you up to these days? What’s coming up that you want people to know about?

These days I am happily running my life as a dancer and a mermaid, with the Goddess by my side guiding me onwards! I’m swimming with sharks in an aquarium next month, so I am training and meditating in preparation for that! I consequently spend a lot of my free time thinking about sharks…

photo-24I’ve just launched a new series of Mermaid Tarot Art Portraits on my Rockstar Priestess Site – I’ve been falling back in love with Tarot again recently, and have been called to paint portraits of peeps as mermaids in Tarot Cards, taking inspiration from the Major Arcarna to create lavish little portraits of mermaid people. They are on crazy special offer right now, at just £20 ($33) till Samhain, to raise money to travel to Thailand to learn to scuba dive and get my freediving qualification. I donate £1 ($1.60) from every sale to the Hebridean Dolphin and Whale Trust, a wee little conservation charity that looks after the ocean in the western isles of Scotland, because mermaids love dolphins, right?

I’m working on a big project about Mermaids on my Priestess site too – it’s early stages now but it’s all about changing your life using the inspiration of mermaids! It’s based on what is working for me in my life and is currently called Fuck This: I Want to Be a Mermaid, because I am a swear bear by nature and because mermaids have the most fun, and I am hoping to launch it sometime in the New Year. I am REALLY excited about it!

Mermaids are playing an ever larger part in my life and especially in my spirituality, so I am going to be talking a LOT about mermaid inspiration and spirituality over on Rockstar Priestess over the next few months, so join me if you like priestesses and mermaids, because that’s all I write about really.


About Demi

I’m a Priestess-in-Training at the magical Goddess Temple in Glastonbury and I freaking love sharing my Priestess Journey with you.

I’m mad about Goddess, spirituality and mermaids and I want to show you how YOU can get in touch with your own Inner Priestess and bring a little more magic to your every day life.

You can connect with me on my website HERE.

And if you’re ready to learn more about being a priestess yourself, visit my Rockstar Priestess website and sign up for my newsletter and get your FREE Priestess Starter Kit.

P.S. If you LOVE mermaids as much as Demi and I do, swim over to the Indiegogo campaign in support of my upcoming book, Return to Enchantment: Branding with Mythological Archetypes. There you’ll find a perk for $25 to enroll in my upcoming 12 month course, 12 Months of Mermaid Magic: Heal Your Life and Manifest Your Dreams. Regular price is $250, but you can get in for just $25! And score the eBook of Return to Enchantment.

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