February 2017 Sacred Masculine & Feminine Energy Report

Happy almost full moon ECLIPSE in Leo!


February 2017 Sacred Masculine & Feminine Energy Report is now up on YouTube –

We have 2 eclipses this month!!

One tomorrow (Full Moon Eclipse in Leo) on 2/10/17 and another on 2/26/17 (New Moon Eclipse in Pisces).
Both eclipses are going to bring major changes into your life and to the collective. Trust and expect miracles. If you sense that you are procrastinating on something or feeling unsure about something that you once were confident about, slow down. You may need to reconsider the plans you’ve had drawn up because something better is coming – or it just may be the wrong time to execute them.

Archangel Michael and your guides are protecting you from any missteps. Listen to your inner guidance!


This photo is the view of all the cards together. You can watch the reading on YouTube at the link given towards the top of the post. The cards on the left are for the Divine Masculine; Cards in the center are for the Divine Union of Masc. and Fem.; Cards on the right are for the Divine Feminine.

Wishing you a blessed February!

If you wish to have a personal reading – all of my readings are now on my website: http://www.mythicrhythm.com/tarot-readings-2017/


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