Fetching Fairytale: Demi Mermaid Priestess


Introducing another beautiful and soulful MERMAID! Here’s the sixth edition of Fetching Fairytales brought to you by Demi Mermaid Priestess.

Once upon a time …

demiCirclethere was a land-locked mermaid priestess named Demi.

She lived in an enchanting fairy-tale town called Cambridge and spent her days teaching lovely women to dance and helping sensitive, spiritual souls connect with the Goddess. She spent her spare hours dancing, swimming, doing yoga and saying hello to trees.

But she was afraid. She was so terribly afraid to share all her magical and wonderful gifts with the world. She knew she was holding back on her clients, feeling like since she was in the human world she should act like a human and deny her enchanting wild mermaid nature. She spent so long trying to fit in, trying so hard not to be too weird or too loud or too unusual and to be like the other humans that she was just overcome with sadness and cried all day long.

Instead of allowing this perilous situation to defeat her, Demi realised that she had to love and accept her true mermaid nature, and decided to immerse herself in connecting deeply with the mermaids. POOF! Like magic, she was finally able to release her fears and see her true nature as a badass, powerful mermaid who could do whatever she wanted and live her life any way she pleased! Mermaids are freeeeeee!


Inspired by her own transformation, she committed herself to sharing the power of the mermaid archetype with women all over the world and assisting in their own fairy tale transformations.

Her Happily Ever After moment came when she realised that she was free and that human rules didn’t need to apply to her and her mermaid sisters. She spent the rest of her life helping other magical women connect with own their inner mermaids to free themselves from self doubt, fear and boring human lives.



I have known Demi over 2 years now … and she recently joined my enchanted entrepreneurs mastermind: “The Enchanted Entrepreneur group is amazing because it’s full of other weirdos who have no intention of living normal human lives, which is so important for us mermaids and magical entrepreneurs – we need to know that we are not alone! All the mastermindees are super spirit-minded and are totally committed on their journeys: they know what they want to be doing and are going for it, it’s so inspiring. Kris is soooooo supportive and has put together an amazing bunch of really in-depth resources to help us live out our missions, and gives us all permission and encouragement to craft our lives and businesses as WE want them to look. She reminds us that it’s OK to want pleasure first, then pleasure later!”

BTW, I have 1 spot open in my mastermind for July if you’d like to join us. Simply reply to this email and I’ll send you all the info you need to get started.


Here’s how you can stay in touch with Demi :

Websites : Professional Mermaid, www.realmermaids.co.uk | Rockstar Priestess, www.priestesstraining.com

facebook : www.facebook.com/RockstarPriestess


Special offer for you, with love :

Demi is offering her Priestess Starter Kit as her present to you! The Priestess Starter Kit is an inspirational first-steps guide for all those who love the magic and devotion of living a priestessful life but have no flipping clue where to start. Filled with beautiful exercises and inspirational rituals and prayers, it will give you directions on your journey to becoming your very own priestess self. You can go get your present at www.priestesstraining.com


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