Go for the Big O.


Hi there! A wee story about orgasms and life’s strange twists and turns for your Monday enjoyment.

Why are the most spiritual people I know also the most sexually turned on? There is definitely a connection here.

Same with musicians. When you see someone killing it on their instrument it’s like they’re in orgasmic ecstasy. I’ve had those moments.

At 18 years old I was practicing in my Dad’s drum studio at his Kauai house. It was about 6am and I thought I was the only one awake. I sat on his drumset and began playing.
I could feel that pulse of the island flowing through my veins. Awakening feelings of sensuality. Sexual arousal. I began to play. I remember it was a slow groove. And started to pick up.

As the tempo rose so did my temperature. I remember my body was tingling all over. I couldn’t stop playing, like a spirit had taken over my body and was playing through me.
The tingling turned into full waves of orgasms, small at first and then I swear the earth was shaking, I was coming so hard!

I don’t know what was keeping me from falling off the drum stool. But to date it’s the longest and hardest come I’ve ever had. And it was completely not-of-this world.
I was breathing hard when it was over – I got up and was shocked to see one of our house guests standing there. His father played Norm on the TV show Cheers. Danny DeVito was over the night before along with a few guys from the Beach Boys, but that was the norm in my house.

He said that I was one of the most amazing drummers he’d seen. He said I looked possessed, whites of my eyes showing and everything. Even though it wasn’t a normal sexual experience and my clothes were on, I felt completely exposed. I just said thank you, looked down and left the studio as quickly as possible.

Back on the mainland this guy spread the word about my drumming to his girlfriend, who was just forming a band with her two friends who were also the progeny of famous rock stars. They sent a demo to my dad. I’ve been surrounded by the best music and best musicians since birth and I wasn’t tolerant of mediocrity. I didn’t like their music and their voices were way off key. I wasn’t impressed with their skills. I said “no” flat out. There was zero hesitation.

Of course, 6 months later their album was released … and within the year, three of their singles hit the top 10 on Billboard and has since sold over 10 million copies worldwide!
You’re probably wondering what the lesson is in all of this? What I’m going to ask you to take away from it and all that jazz.

I’m many years ahead of that experience. And believe me there are times when I’ve wondered “what if I said yes?” But, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else today.

Ultimately life is a trip that is taking you – you’re being led the exact path you’re meant to be on. We are given many choices, forks in the road. Some feel blessed, some cursed. But they always bring you home to yourself.

And, always go for the ORGASM. Life is so short!!

I would love to hear from you – if you feel called to comment below and tell me one of your stories when you made a major decision that truly defined the shape of your life.




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