Venus. Aphrodite. Freya. Isis. Ishtar. Lalita.

The face of the Sacred Feminine of Love is known by many names.

She is the Feminine Primordial Force of the Universe,
She is the planetary Lady of the Star Realms.

She is the One who has waited inside your heart for decades.
She who must be remembered, not forgotten,
She who must be embodied, not imagined.

I am in LOVE with my daily goddess practice and I’m pleased to invite you into what I like to think of as an underground rave for the divine feminine!

Focus your Intentions with Sensual Fragrance

Anytime you wish to connect with the Sacred Embodiment of Feminine Love, light a red, pink or gold candle and anoint yourself with rose, jasmine, orris (fragrant root of the iris flower) or ylang ylang essential oil. You may also combine any of these scents to create your own blend. I often use fractionated coconut, apricot kernel or sweet almond oil to make my own anointing oils.

Fragrances are used in magic and ritual to help focus your intentions. They are also used to clear the mind and ritual space. Smell is one of the most potent senses because scent bypasses all filters and goes straight to the limbic brain-helping create new neural pathways as we release old, limiting conditioning. A goddess practice is deeply relaxing to the nervous system.

My Simple Daily Practice

Anoint your crown and brow chakras, your throat, heart, breasts, womb, yoni, feet. Anywhere you want to declare as sacred. Sometimes I will “dress” (anoint) my candle with my blessing oil before I light it.

This is your time to be in communion with the goddess to pray, meditate and soak up her resplendent energies.

And, when I’m in deep stillness and presence, fully inhabiting my body, I will ask for messages and signs using my oracle or tarot cards.

Using any oracle method you choose, go through each point of the pentacle and call in the answers you most need in this moment. This advice utilizes all aspects of Venus’ elemental magic.‍

Daily Ritual & Golden Pentacle Card Spread

~First begin by lighting a candle & anointing yourself. Close your eyes. Visualize yourself in the center of a giant, golden pentacle underneath you as if it were drawn on the ground and you’re sitting in the very center.

~Take your oracle or tarot in your hands. Take some deep breaths and ask Venus your question. There are many ways of shuffling and then choosing the cards. Follow your intuition … however, I suggest shuffling 5 or 6 times and then dividing the deck into 5 or 6 piles (5 and 6 are the magical numbers that often represent Venus).

~Restack the cards into one deck and draw the first five cards in succession from the top. Alternately, after shuffling, fan the cards out so all are visible and choose the five that you are drawn to in succession.

#1 Spirit (Soul, Divine, Mystery) — The Call:
‍What are you being called to do right now? What is Spirit asking of you? How must you step forward?‍

#2 Air (Intuition, Knowledge, Rebirth, Beginnings) — The Idea:
‍What ideas are flowing to you? What is your intuition pointing you towards?‍

#3 Fire (Purification, Passion, Inspiration, Creativity) — The Transmutation:
‍What needs to be transformed (or is already changing) at this time?‍

#4 Water (Healing, Peace, Expression, Flow, Receiving) — The Magic:
‍What magic/actions/steps will bring the results you’re wishing for?‍

#5 Earth (Fertility, Abundance, Stability) — The Manifestation:
‍What will manifest from this situation? What is the potential outcome of your efforts?‍

Manifest Magic to Delight Your Soul

Keep a special journal for your goddess oracle sessions, so you can begin to track your manifestations and all of the signs and synchronicities that show up in the world around you.

The glorious planet of love, beauty, money and self-worth, Venus, will glide through the sign of Pisces during the Valentine’s season. Get ready to get whipped up into a romantic whirlwind! Life will offer you magical delights and everything will have a sweet glow around it.

Like a typical mermaid, I’m in love the feeling of being in love … whether or not I have a boo to snuggle with, I adore Valentine’s and romance all year round.

Slip into the worlds between the worlds, the soft & fuzzy places.

With Venus in Pisces the world looks rose-colored and love has blurry boundaries. Remember to keep healthy boundaries of course, and at the same time, open your heart wide to deep healing and colliding with your deepest wishes and dreams.

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