Intro to Sandrine … Beginnings of my Mermaid Erotica novel.

r.s.thurston photography

r.s.thurston photography

Sandrine woke up naked on a beach. She had no idea what beach this was, but she did love the feeling of the cool sand prickling every inch of her skin.

Looking down, she realized that her tail had split in two.

Stomach grumbling. The world had that fuzzy glow that erased all borders and smoothed out all the edges. Sandrine had nowhere she needed to go and lazily laid on the sand.

This was good. After battling the tempests and losing her magical amulet she needed to restore her energy. There was another battle waiting for her. It would find her soon.

Without her magic, she would stay in the form of the Melusine. She couldn’t change into her shark, dolphin, or human selves–it was limiting and dangerous. Her sex was exposed and could be violated easily.

Not that she minded being violated by attractive members of the Mer clans. But this split tail also meant slower swimming speeds and her moon-blood would leak out.

The moon was nearly full, a mermaid’s most vulnerable time. She only had a handful of hours before she would be at the peak of her ecstatic sexual power. If she could quiet her mind and access the ancestral codes, she could discover the location of her amulet–if it hadn’t already been taken.

Without the power to change her tails into legs, she couldn’t stay on land safely either. Becoming a science experiment, tested like a rat in a lab, was not on her bucket list.

Her best option was to find a cave to recluse in for 48 hours.

But where to find a cave?

Where the hell am I? Sandrine thought anxiously.

Sandrine’s brown-copper speckled hair was wrapped around her body. She removed the hair from her eyes and began surveying the area around her. She would need to crawl-flop her way into a cave on land, so she needed something relatively close.

The beach was part of a small inlet that curved out from the shore like a crescent moon. Up onto the landside were large cliffs. Seagulls were squawking and flying willy nilly as the wind whipped about furiously. There were shapes and curves carved into the rock from centuries of ocean beatings. She needed an opening large enough to keep her out of sight, especially after dark when the hunters came out searching for their prey.

The cliffs stretched in front of her along the shoreline for about a quarter of a mile. If she wore herself out trying to find a cave along the shore and then had no luck, she’d have to make her way back to the water. It would be more dangerous as dusk approached.

She made her way nearly to the end of the cliffs. Nothing. Not even a crevice.

“I’m screwed.”

The wind became more angry and the rain began to pour out it’s libation to Mother Earth. By now her raw and dry skin was welcoming the moisture. But she could sense other creatures approaching, even though they weren’t visible yet.

Angry tears welled up in her eyes.

“He betrayed me again. What’s wrong with me? Why would I believe anything that shit-sucking bastard tells me?!”

She forcibly moved her exhausted body ten more feet forward and found an opening in the wall. Quickly she began crawling and snaking her way into the small cave. Her lips barely had time to taste the sweet rain and were cracked and bleeding.

“This way!” Lawrence yelled back to his companions who were so far behind that he could barely see them through his hair whipping his eyes. He faced downward to be able to see just ahead of him through the torrential sheets of rain.

When he looked down in the sand, something caught his eye. He saw a track in the sand. Something had pulled itself out of the water and along the cliff wall.

“She’s here.” The thought sent electricity throughout his body. “My lover is here.”

As excited and turned on as he was, he knew he was hours later than he meant to be. He feared the worst.

“What shape will she be in after being out of the water all of this time, and without her amulet?” He began frantically running along the cliffs while the sun was setting quickly. A full moon was rising, but the storm clouds were thick and hid its light. The shadows grew, along with his desperation.

Darkness threw its velvety cloak all around him. He could barely make out anything and his hands became his new instruments of sight.

Finally, he made it to nearly the end of the beach and felt an opening in the rock.

He bent down and crawled inside. Nothing was visible but he could hear rasping, shallow breathing.


All color was completely drained from her face and tail. Lawrence moved closer. He was horrified at the sight of her–Hair white and brittle with skin like peeling paint on an old shack. Gone was the copper-brown hair soft as silk.

Her eyes were like two amber embers of a fire that was dying away.

Seeing her lover began to spark her survival instinct.

With the microscopic strength Sandrine had left, she pulled herself against his body, wrapping her split tail all around him like two famished anacondas searching for their next meal. Her arms were wrapped around his neck.

Lawrence began to feel warmer and warmer. The heat was almost unbearable and as much as he wanted to pull away he couldn’t.

Sandrine was absorbing every last drop of moisture from his rain-soaked clothes, body and hair.
Within 30 seconds he was completely dry!

As she pulled away slightly, he could see and feel the melusina she was, now in her full glory: eyes glistening with emerald fire, hair and skin silky, soft and supple, and glowing like burnished copper. Her smile welcomed him with all the passion and desire he had remembered from months before.

“You came for me.” That was all she needed to say.

His lips devoured hers. He began tasting her neck and ears, and he moved down to her breasts.

Every inch of her enchanted form was calling him.

Sandrine thought of her lost amulet and almost stopped her lover from spreading apart her two tails. As much as she wanted to hurry and find it, she couldn’t resist him.

She would find it later.

A full moon smile spread across her face as she pulled him inside her.

I plan to develop the characters and story over the next year. It was hella fun to write just this simple intro exercise.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.



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