I AM …

a divine, mystical Inspiriting Leader. My focus is the quest for pleasure through entrepreneurship, that only has good consequences.

I am here to make people feel something in their bodies, and I want them to feel good.

I know that it’s my role to claim because I am a genius at making people feel revered, uplifted, encouraged, like they can move through their blocks. I’m a genius at figuring out what someone’s core message is and helping them embody it in their work and life.

I bring people back to their core, their individuated life spark that they came into the world with. It’s a homecoming. A return to their source.

I want to revolutionize the way people do business. That it’s about loving their audience and loving themselves equally. That we are all connected and isolation is an illusion. By showing people the myths they are living, they are free to choose how they rewrite their version of the story.

I inspire a sense of wonder in others. That there are magical worlds behind the world as we know it. And we can touch on those worlds through our heart and creativity.

There is still more to be said and explored.

But I will rest for now. Goodnight beloveds!


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