Meet Some Enchanted Ones.

Hi Merry Merfolk,

for your reading pleasure I offer a roundup of 10 Enchanters (sans affiliate plugs, btw!). Not in any particular order, just how they came to mind as I was writing.

These magical ones have some sweet ideas that will inspire you … and motivate you to become even more enchanting.

Some of them will be new to you and some not, but I endeavored not to fall back on my usual suspects (who are absolutely wonderful, but just wanted to spread the love a bit).

Within each of us are the same qualities in those we look to for inspiration.

When you look at each of these ten Beguilers, you’re seeing a piece of yourself reflected back in the mirror.


enchantment (n.): late 13c., from Old French encantement, from enchanter “bewitch, charm,” from Latin incantare, literally “enchant, cast a (magic) spell upon,” from in- “upon, into” (see in- (2)) + cantare “to sing” (see chant (v.)). Figurative sense of “alluring” is from 1670s. Cf. Old English galdor “song,” also “spell, enchantment,” from galan “to sing,” source of the second element in nightingale.

#1 Kylie Bellard
“The Art of Liking Yourself.”

Kylie teaches people how to like themselves (in spite of it all) and practice sublime self-care. Creatrix of A Day of Nothing: a divinely inspired offering designed to get you back to yourself. Highly recommended.

#2 Angelique Mroczka
“I bow to you and your Inner Creator.”

Angie helps creatives with a deep ache for radiant, radical and magical communion with the Divine connect through writing.

She is the Creatrix of Radiant Writers, a passionate tribe where you can discover tools to help you create + LIVE your own spiritual adventure.

#3 Sofia Wren
“I’m a complicated girl with a resistance to boxes. I like to call myself Sofia Wren Nitchie.

Sofia Wren contains two first names, one for my nurturing healing side, and one for my artistic badass side.”

Sofia is a magical being who can take you on a journey between the worlds.

There is power out there in the borderlands and whether you’re a healer or creative entrepreneur, Sofia can guide you safely … and adventurously.

#4 Rachael Rice
Your job is to trust your own deepest knowing, without apology, in ways that we haven’t created words for yet.”

A Muse, Angel, Fae … take your pick. Rachael is ethereal and earthy … and SEXY. She is an artist, musician, professional dreamer and leader of the all-female rock review, the Vulva Underground (can you give me a hell yeah?!)

#5 Justine Musk
“My schedule …
is up in the air right now.
S E E I T W A F T I N G G E N T L Y D O W N T H E C O R R I D O R .”

A Patroness Saint of badd-assery as far as I’m concerned. Justine’s writing inspires and informs. It’s education with an edge.

Must have pdf poster: 25 Badass Ways to Say No.

I’m not shitting you when I say that I read this manifesto at least monthly. (I should put a reminder on my calendar to read it weekly.)

#6 Jonathan Mead
“You don’t have to be destitute to do what you love. You deserve to be compensated for the value you bring to the world, so you can exist, so you can serve the world. This isn’t about entitlement, it’s about taking the reins to create the life you want.”

Can members of the masculine gender be enchanting? Abso-frickin-lutely.

No Peter Pan, Jonathan is a rabble-rouser who’s meant to stir up trouble where needed; as in our beige lives. He’s more of a Pan, if I were to compare him to a mythical character: earthy, solid and ready to start a revolution.

I’ve heard great reports about his Trailblazer program. Give it a look.

#7 Ev’Yan Whitney
“I am here to remind you of your erotic nature. Let’s start now.”

I found Ev’Yan via Jonathan Mead … they’re married and really open about having an open relationship.

I’m so fascinated these days with just about anything to do with sexual expression. It’s something that most of us never talk about (and, some unfortunate souls don’t get enough of), but wish we could.

Life with Ev’Yan at the helm is oh so much more intriguing, warm, creative and honest. There is something so embodied about her and her writing, and it’s gloriously Dionysian.

Sign up for her delicious words, Self-Love Letters, delivered to your inbox.

#8 Lisa Lister
“Do you want to be that girl?

You know, the girl who seeks pleasure, speaks her truth and riffs from the heart. The girl who digs what she sees when she looks in the mirror. The girl who people stop in the street and ask ‘hey, g-friend, what is your secret?’ When you’re that girl, there is no secret. You’re SASSY.”

Lisa loves pink and so do I. She is inked and retroed out to-the-max and I adore her style.

One part Boudicca … one part Cleopatra … one part tribal bellydance + burlesque beauty … mixed with her patron goddess Akhilandeshvari, One Who is Never Not Broken. She’s an unapologetic minx that womenkind (AND mankind) could learn a great deal from. If you want to break free of your own prison and stop holding yourself back, Lisa can turn you on in ALLLLLL the right ways.

#9 Nathan Bransford
Know those formulas and conventions. Anticipate what your reader will expect will happen. And then pull the rug out.”

Former literary agent, now blogger and editor. Nathan has great resources on how to find an agent, write your novel, compose your query letters … and, all the while he delivers fresh perspectives on storytelling, authoring and blogging.

He’s not what I would call a glamourous guy, but his star shines and is a beacon for other authors to find their way through the dark.

#10 [insert your name here]
You are bewitching, Enchanted One! You are a genius. You are gorgeous. By virtue of expressing your deepest + truest nature you inspire others to live their genius too.

When I asked my Facebook fans and friends what they felt was most enchanting about themselves the predominant response was laughter, humor and their magical abilities to manifest and bring the best out in others.

What are your most enchanting qualities? Share them in the comments below and inspire us.

I’d love to help you enchant even more customers and clients this year.

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