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Hello there and Happy International Mermaid (and Merman) Day! 🧜‍♀️ 🧜🏽‍♂️ 🧜‍♀️ 🧜🏽‍♂️ 🧜‍♀️
I have a few tidbits to roll through with you today that I think are tantalizing and worth a few minutes of your time.

#1. Mermaids are Amazing Manifestors.

The power of water to help us manifest and feel rich and supported is one of the main reasons why mermaids are great role models for us to become better manifestors. Merbeings also have a tendency to be obsessed with sparkly, shiny objects which helps them to focus their intentions on obtaining their desires.
They know how to turn their desires into clear instructions for the universe to deliver what they are calling in with ease.
You can connect with the powers of mer-manifestation in this YouTube I created years ago that will help you become a Portal of Abundance. 

#2. Mermaids Go With The Flow.

Speaking of ease…mermaids know how to flow with the tides and can detach from the shore. They encourage us to let go of the shallow end and float into deeper waters of self-discovery and new adventures!
Call on them whenever you are ready to explore and move beyond fear into a new reality. Literally, all you need to say or think is this: “Beautiful Mermaids, please help me move towards greater love, abundance, joy and brilliance.” Leave an offering of a piece of jewelry, shell or flowers on the edge of the water (ocean, river, lake, pond, etc) to show your devotion and gratitude.

#3. Mermaids are Multi-Dimensional Beings.

Are there actual, literal mermaids floating around in the ocean? I’ve never seen them, but have felt the presence of merbeings in the ocean waves, a swimming pool and actually seen them floating in my bedroom in the shape of flower of life orbs.
They live in what we call the Etheric plane primarily, which is comprised of an energy that is water-like and is easily impressed with images from the mental plane. Mers can take many different forms in the Etheric and visit us in night and day dreams.

#4. There are hybrid Mer-Angels, aka Celestial Mers.

Many mermaids and mermen have wings and are a hybrid mix of Merbeing and Angel, or Merbeing and Faery. In my mermaid sacred erotica writings I go into this a little more. It truly fascinates me to connect with these hybrid beings! My hope is that my work will help you to connect with them as well.

#5. Who are Lemurians & Mintakans?

We can’t talk about merbeings without mentioning Lemurians and Mintakans.
Lemuria is an ancient civilization that existed around the time of Atlantis. Most of Lemuria sunk beneath the surface of the Pacific Ocean, however, these shape-shifting, aquatic peoples knew what was going to happen so many of them moved their wisdom and libraries to Telos: an inner dimensional world inside Mt. Shasta. It is believe by many that Lemurians originated from the star system Lyra.
Another group of star beings who are aligned with mermaids and beautiful, pristine waters are the Mintakans:
“Mintakans are a soul group who originated on a planet in the constellation Orion. They were the first star beings to travel to Earth, and believed to be the original Lightworkers. The Mintakans’ home planet is thought to have been a water world with water so pure that you could see through it for miles. For this reason, Mintakans feel most at peace and at home when in or around crystal-clear water. They are here to teach us to see the potential in everything and the light in all beings.” (Rebecca Campbell, Work your Light Oracle.)

#6. Mermaids are the Bridge Between The Erotic & The Spiritual.

When I first began working with the Merbeings in 2011, one of the first things they revealed to me is that they have come through to a number of lightworkers to help heal the split between mind and body, particularly working on sexual wounds, and literally connect the sacral (2nd) chakra with the heart (4th) chakra. More on this in my upcoming book, Song of the Siren: Alluring Stories, Spells and Rituals To Discover Your Turn On & Reclaim Your Feminine Power.

#7. Join my new, enchanted world of Sacred Mermaid Erotica.

And finally, I’m releasing a podcast style, audio mytho-erotica book of sorts about Mermaids, Witches, Angels and Humans. If you’re interested on getting news about when I release each episode/chapter, sign up for this separate list, HERE. I’ll begin sending you chapters on April 1st, the day of the new moon in Aries, and my one year anniversary with my Beloved.
I look forward to sharing more of my wild imaginings of the sacred and erotic kinds.

All my love,



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