For our closing ritual, we’ll be connecting with the magic of my lineage – the Janarra clan of Naples, Italy, which is the birthplace of my grandmother. This magical tribe was known as the keepers of lunar mysteries. Because they practiced their craft on the Neapolitan coastline, they were known as the Sea Witches.

Sea Wishes Spell

For this spell, you’ll need a seashell, or a stone from a beach, riverbed, or lake. If you don’t have access to these items, no worries – you can use any stone you might find or have on hand.

Wash your shell or stone, removing any old, stagnant energy, and mindfully infuse the object with the energy of water. Once your object has been washed, you can also spray it with a blend of your favorite essential oils.

You might want to cleanse and prepare your body for this ritual, using the methods outlined in the first Sirenalia ritual, here.

Next, while your object is drying, think about what you want to manifest during this full moon cycle. You might want to use this ritual to bring one final push of energy to close out your Song of the Siren ritual (our second in this series, found here) or perhaps you want to focus on something entirely new.

Once you have decided what you want to focus on, create a symbol to represent that desire. You can also add a Janarric rune to amplify your magic. See the photo of the Janarric Rune Spell page from my personal Love Grimoire below – yes, I’m a Siren Witch of Love!

Make sure your shell or stone is thoroughly dry, then draw on your symbol (and any runes or words you want to add) with a medium that will disappear in water – for instance, a pencil, watercolor paint, or chalk. Even better: If you are on your moon, use your own menstrual blood to draw the symbols on the shell or stone. There is no more potent energy than your own blood!

If you live near the ocean, a river, creek, or lake, take your object to the edge of the water to perform this ritual. If you do not have access to a natural body of water, fill a bowl with water and take it out into your yard or on your balcony, beneath the new moon’s dark sky.

Place your shell or stone in the water, with the symbol facing up, toward the moon. If you are able, you can draw a triangle around it in the sand with a stick, or draw one on the ground with chalk.

Declare your desire to the moon goddess.

“Jana, Moon Goddess, hear my desire. [State it here.]”

Take a moment to breathe deeply while envisioning what you are manifesting. Be as detailed and specific in your imaginings as possible.

When you are ready to close the ritual, repeat these words:

“Goddess of Moon, Earth, and the Sea,

each wish in Thy name must come to be.

Powers and Forces which Tides do make,

now summon Thy waves, my spell to take “

If you are performing this ritual at an ocean, lake, river, or other location in nature, leave your shell or stone in the water, to be received by the Old Ones. If you are using a bowl of water, leave it out on the night of the new moon, then bury your shell or stone the next day, returning it to the magic of the earth. (You can pour the water over the burial location or place it in a spray bottle to spritz around your home, as an affirmation of your ritual work.)

You will begin to see the effects of your magic about seven days after the ritual – a traditional timeline for lunar magic. But keep in mind, it might take up to a full moon cycle (28 days).

Wishing you many blessings on this potent full moon! May you feel liberated and released from past bindings!

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