V-Spot: Release Your Inhibitions – Come Into Power, Episode 2


Hello gorgeous mermaids + mermen!

It’s time for our monthly V-Spot chat.

This month, I’d like to talk about our fears around our businesses.

For a long time I was mortally afraid of failure, particularly in the form of little or no sign ups.

“What if I do/create/offer this and no one shows up?”

Oh the SHAME!

Now I accept that being an entrepreneur means falling on my arse often. And that is how EVERY successful entrepreneur learns and paves their own way. I’m so much more loving to myself and relaxed around launching and learning.

The thing that I fear the most now comes from stepping into the archetype of The Star.

One of my favorite pleasure archetypes, The Star is represented by a nude, feminine figure who is kneeling down with one foot on earth and the other in water. 8-pointed stars float over her in the night sky. Sources say she is Nut (Egyptian goddess of the night starry sky), Kuan Yin (Chinese goddess of love and compassion) or Ishtar/Astarte/Inanna (Babylonian goddess of love, fertility, sensuality and sovereignty). The energy around The Star is initiation and reminds us to stay grounded as we revel in expansive creativity.

The message of this archetype is … Shine. Be the light for others and show them the way to bliss … in the way that only you can.

Example: when I’m embodying this archetypal energy and going to speak with someone during an interview or to a potential client and they ask me a question that I don’t know the answer to. Not knowing something feels truly vulnerable to me … as if I could know it all, right?!

But the fear is there.

Where do you feel the fear in your biz and how do you plan to move through it?

Enjoy this month’s V-Spot video … click on the play button below.

Stay sexy and vulnerable.
Because that is powerful!

To the stars and back,



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