What you really need to be a successful entrepreneur.

I’m sure well-meaning friends, family and mentors have told you:
“Don’t take things so personally.”
“Toughen up.”
“Stay strong.”
“Don’t cry over spilled milk.”
“Stop being a wuss and just take action.”
“Buck up.”

Taking any of the above advice will leave you feeling like a phantom because you are disengaging from your true feelings. You’ll cut off your intuition too, which is never a good thing since pretty much all innovative entrepreneurs get their best ideas while driving their car or floating in the bathtub. Or from dreams.

I can tell you first hand that desensitizing yourself as if you’re wearing a keep-yourself-safe-from-the-koodies-of-the-universe condom only makes you feel … flaccid. Ineffective. Dispassionate. Alienated. Empty.

What you really need is a rubber butt.

rubberbuttI was talking with one of my coaching clients as we sat next to the Pacific Ocean and we were talking about how to bounce back from failure.

And it just came out of my mouth: “I know why I’m still in this game. I have a rubber butt!”

(Can you believe there’s really a website called Rubber Butt? No kidding, it’s over here. Notice how tuned in I am to the Universe.)

If you have a shiz-sucky meeting with a client or your launch bombs, deal with your real feelings. Cry it out. Hit a Bollywood dance class. Nothing like a good cry and burning muscles to make you feel ALIVE.

And we need you to be the burning hot + passionate world-changer that we know you are.

I have quite a well-developed set of rubber glutes because I fall on my arse allll the dang time.


See, I just get back up and try again. I hope not to make the same mistakes, but even if I do I still pat myself on the back for not giving up on my dream.

That my friends, is how we do it.

Put on your rubber butt and just fall. You have my unconditional support to cry and feel like crap for a day … or two. Just don’t give up on yourself, ok?

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