Wonder: What to do when “undreams” come true.

I’ve recently joined up with a bevy of bounti-artful creatives in Meg Boone’s virtual mastermind, Wonderland.

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(and it’s only $33.33 to join right now. Wanna come play? Sashay this way …)

So, for this topic of WONDER. I think the most wonder-ful events happened in June. A lot of dreams came true. Filling my client roster with the creme-de-la-creme of creative, soulful entrepreneurs that everybody wants to work with. Luck? I think not. Synchronicity, manifestation POWAH, unwavering faith + hard work? Most definitely.

I’ve been plagued for months with the imposter syndrome along with my own inner demons and regrets. I’ve made some great decisions, like my mermaid branding, and made some big mistakes. Launching my first one-on-one 3-month coaching program in May was so not a good idea. Vacations are about to start and most people wait until the fall or in mid-January for those sorts of things.

So, I did get 1 client in May who I absolutely adore, but that was it. After months of planning and development with my 4 beta clients and weeks of promotion and loads of free calls my launch flopped. So much for my confidence.

What I realize now is that I needed this experience. I needed to remember that everything is in flow and perfect. Even when we judge the outer appearance as unacceptable or a failure.

I’m building my entrepreneurial muscle. Just like authors get rejection letters, business owners have to learn to hear “NO” and still move forward fearlessly.

Like Alice in Underland wandering through a perplexing, magical world we must trust that we can get to the other side of our dream.

Like unbirthdays, “undreams” are dreams that come true in reverse. Which is actually a great thing.

DyanapsmOn June 1, I met Dyana Valentine, a serious oracle. One of her superpowers is that she works in the astral realm through dreams to help her clients problem solve and throw light in the dark places. She offered to our group (at Alexandra Franzen’s retreat) the opportunity to give her a conundrum to take into her nightly dream-realms. I immediately thought, “YES!!” but stayed quiet for a moment. No one was jumping on the offer. Interesting.

“Ok,” I thought, “it’s time for me to be real.”

I had a real conundrum. I couldn’t pay my bills for most of April and all of May, yet I had a rapidly-growing newsletter list and lots of transformed clients who sang my praises. But this felt like a big yucky revelation to disclose to a bunch of women entrepreneurs who are uber successful, at least in my mind.

So, I came out and just laid my terrible financial situation on the table. It was embarrassing, but I felt compelled to ask for help.

And, boy did I ever receive.

Dyana went to sleep with my question and woke up at around 4:40am-ish. When she called me the clock on my phone said 4:44am. The details of the dream images are for another post, so I don’t have to drag this one on and on, but needless to say … Mouth. Open. Holy shit.

Her dream spoke to me loud and clear. It was so on that it completely rearranged my consciousness for at least two weeks.

And, after that dream, within seven days I began to get random emails from potential clients and my June 8 retreat filled up after having no sign ups for months. Now, mind you, the dream wasn’t filled with images of dancing mermaids and unicorns, or a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. It was heavy shit. (small hint for the incurably curious: there were words screaming out, a giant Megalodon, which is a prehistoric species of shark and her father’s house in Ohio). And, this most awesome shit moved the energy around for me and I began manifesting every day.

I now believe in “undreams.” They are key to opening things wide open in your biz and life.

I love Dyana and all I can say, besides bows of deepest gratitude and respect, is go work with her. That is all.

Have you had any undreams you want to share … please do so in the comments below. We won’t bite but beware of lurking megalodons.


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