Work + Pleasure: Strange Bedfellows?

Why do most people believe that work and pleasure should be separated (like church and state) and not mix?

This is a really old, outworn, limiting belief that keeps us in bad work habits, such as:

  1. Overworking to the point of burnout and exhaustion.
    2. Creating more and more to-dos and responsibilities.
    3. Struggling to make ends meet because we undercharge and undervalue our work.

All of these habits function to prove to ourselves and others that we are enough; that we are “worthy” of earning more money.

The strategy of Venus is the antidote to break this spell! The Venus in business focuses on relationships, connections, pleasure (of course) and integration.

She is multilayered and initiates your power to be in command of your joy and highest vibes.

Venus’ magic is that she creates Masters–what do you want to become masterful at? If you truly know the answer to, “What do you want?” she will initiate you into THAT mastery.

When you are overcome with burnout, exhaustion and overwhelm it’s because you are not prioritizing what you really want … you’re working harder and not smarter.

Saturn is a taskmaster. He teaches us important lessons about responsibility. He initiates you into the mastery of the material world.

However, Venus teaches us the mastery of LOVE. First you will have to be her Lover, then she will initiate you into the mysteries of love and the mastery over your own subtle energies. Love is after all, such a high vibration. It’s so subtle and it’s invisible. Love is virtually unseen by the eye, it is felt by the heart.

The gods immemorial all know that LOVE was, is and always will be the most powerful of all magics.

I invite you to come into my new mastermind, Venus Soaked Business, and begin a new love affair with Venus (aka Pleasure) and your livelihood.

Let’s make magic together!

The second run of my 6-week business mastermind begins on October 29, 2019!

Learn how to master the magic of love and pleasure and apply it in your business.

Click the link below to learn more and register:


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