Ze retrograde shit show. Ya gotta love it.


I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Today Saturn stations retrograde and the same theme applies. Whatever you do in the next 4 months will possibly stick with you for years to come.

I’m sure you’ve heard by now about all the planets in retrograde right now. Venus in retro until April 15; Mercury in retro beginning April 9; Pluto will step backwards in May … and TODAY, Saturn, the task master and father of karma and “Kronos” time goes retro. Kronos is measured time … all that concrete stuff of our daily lives and of history. Think heavy, gravity pulling you back to earth.

I had an amazing time with my Facebook live tarot reading for this period. You can watch the whole recorded broadcast there: https://www.facebook.com/kris.k.oster/videos/10212366744384904/

{if we aren’t friends on FB yet, please do friend me. You did give me your email address after all, so I imagine ya kinda like me a bit 🙂 }

The short and most important messages that came through were these:

    If something isn’t working, flowing don’t push. Wait for divine timing, or rather Saturn’s timing – HA!

    The Universe has your back, so if things look like a shit show in your life remember to trust the invisible. Appearances will in fact deceive you. Go with your gut instinct and intuition.

    Angels and guides are going to send you signs so stay aware.

    Be UNCONDITIONALLY patient and kind to others; any sort of crankiness that you throw out to others will come back to haunt you – and fast.

    Be discerning about projects and people you commit to during Saturn retrograde as these will “stick” to you for years possibly. If you feel unsure, WAIT until you get a sign that this person or project is something you want to be connected to for the long haul. (Thank you Rochelle Zanini of Diamond Lotus Reiki for this brilliant insight!)

    The big message came in the final card I pulled, the 9 of Pentacles. There is a reward coming for you. You’ve worked hard and have been applying all the lessons life has taught you up to this point. You are moving into a time of kairos – a garden of Eden here on the earthly plane where you feel secure, loved and carefree. Your needs are taken care of.

All you need do is focus on those Saturnian loves … what is most important to you?

Often what you fear the most is that which is most important to you.

Use the energy of fear to propel you to fully step into who you were born to be. When you pass Saturn’s tasks and tests he will give your heart wings and keep the firm earth solidly supporting all of your dreams.

Yep, take this time to fall in love with Saturn. He’s about to make your life much more meaningful and stable. And in the meantime as you’re facing his tests take lots of walks on the beach and remember to breathe deeply.

You are about to land on your Golden path.

With love, devotion and pleasure unending,



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