A little ditty about neuroscience and working with ritual, meditation and mythological archetypes.

Mythological archetypes in stories are dynamic containers for magical and ritual energy.

For example, in the Introduction to the Unbound Experience course you will have an activation of Amaterasu energy through a myth-infused visualization–the cosmic dance between light and shadow. Amaterasu is a Sun goddess from the Shinto tradition in Japan. When you can awaken a particular archetype through your consciousness, you are able to perceive the world using that figure’s super powers. For Amaterasu, these are the powers of light, illumination, acceptance, and seeing the whole self as beautiful and radiant.

Receiving these super powers can help you to move through challenging and difficult situations in a new way: you’ll approach things with a sense of resilience, acceptance and renewed enthusiasm!

How this may look in your life …

If you’re feeling a bit wilted or discouraged about what’s happening in your finances, or even in world events, it’s easy to lose hope, get uninspired and feel too exhausted to keep going. I know that it’s easy to give up before the miracle happens when I’m in that state of mind.

So, let’s say you listen to the Amaterasu meditation. Afterwards, you feel comforted and lifted up because you have called upon an energy that ALREADY resides within you. That’s why working with archetypes is so effective. (PS. We’ll get deeper into theories of how archetypes work during the course.)

You are the one with the power to change your perception and state of mind! Those two things alone can transform your experience of life.

I want you to feel UNBOUND even when things are SUCKY.

We know that those *sucky* times are inevitable because we can’t control outside circumstances.

There is scientific research to back up a lot of what we know about the brain states during the telling/reading of stories, sitting in meditation and performing rituals. We know we don’t need to “believe” in a higher power for them to work. They will always work because they are forms of sacred technology that continually evolve as we scientifically progress and learn more.

The meditations and pleasure practices in the Unbound Experience are designed to bring together the body, soul and mind so you can begin to eradicate any mindset that keeps these parts of yourself in separation. They’re not.

Both mythology and science have their own ways of illustrating this.

First, take a look at this Greek vase below (approx. 5th Century BCE) showing Apollo and Dionysos in Delphi.

They are facing each other on either side of what appears to be a Tree of Life. My teacher Layne Redmond pointed out that this tree resembles the human spinal cord and that Apollo represents the left side of the brain (logic, rationality) and Dionysos the right side (creativity and intuition). They are not only facing each other, they are clasping hands.

They are connected and work together!

The God of the Sun, or “Son of God,” Apollo is known for his masculine form: he is the Greek representative of balance and strength, symmetry and order. We find the pleasures of Apollo in the love of our physical strength, mental reasoning and logic. The discipline of practice in all forms of exercise, from sit ups and cross-training, to yoga and dance, is Apollo’s grace in action.
To honor your light and confidence, and to focus on everything you do with excellence is a great way to venerate + activate your inner Apollo.

Apollo’s half brother Dionysus is the antidote to too much symmetry, logic and order. There are times when we need to let loose, or otherwise we’ll go insane following the rules, regulations and restrictions placed upon us by society.

When you’ve been following the rules and have been a “good” girl or boy for wayyyy too long, it’s time to follow Dionysus’ ecstatic and shamanic lead … lest you be overtaken by madness and insanity!
Pleasure yourself with Dionysian delights like a lusty meal, eaten with bare hands … then lick every finger clean. Get tipsy on your springtime sangria. Jump on your motorcycle and feel the wind in your face! Scorching orgasms don’t hurt either.

This will keep that inner, ax-wielding Nicholson (“all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy”) at bay.

During meditative and trance ritual states there are sacred technologies that slow the brain waves down and synchronize the right and left hemispheres of the brain, for example: breathwork, meditation, visualization, drum rhythms and ecstatic dance.

All of the exercises and practices I’ll give you in the Unbound Experience are based on ritual and magical practices that have been used for hundreds of years, or more. We will be drawing from ancient spiritual practices, rituals and mythologies from all over the world.

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