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I recently spent 3 days in deep service to the Divine Feminine – and to women around the world who were ready to fall deeper in love with themselves and all of life. Who were ready to ditch the patriarchal paradigm and speak openly about pleasure without the fear of judgment or ridicule.

Yes, sacred pleasure. The love and adoration of the body. Devotion to radical self-love.

Shirley Ann spoke about getting out of our heads and the fact that we mostly perceive our desires from the 2.5 inches across our foreheads!

I for one know first hand how easy it is to live from my head and not from my heart and my fiery womb.

But this is exactly what we did together for 3 days straight in the Pleasure Queen Festival. Heavenly.

One of the most important questions that we asked ourselves over the weekend was, “What do you truly desire?”

What your head tells you that you want is very different from what your heart tells you it wants.

My head told me, “I want X amount of dollars in the bank. I want X amount of clients and YouTube followers.” (I use the “X” because I literally don’t remember the amounts!)

My heart said, “I want to feel the joy of being in my lover’s arms. I want to feel the joy of stroking my daughter’s hair.”

You can viscerally feel the difference between the two, right?!!

When we stop living in our heads and fully occupy our bodies, we are transformed. We move slow like honey. The air around us is softer. The space around us is filled with the gentle perfume of our feminine essence. We feel sexier and more alive.

The love making I shared with my boyfriend afterwards was even more intimate and intense than usual.

Never before had I felt so on purpose and filled with energy as I did on each day of the festival–which is saying a lot being this was a simple virtual event!

The plan is to move these online festivals from the metaverse into real life, in person gatherings: retreats, workshops, festivals, circles.

Living from our p*ssy or c*ck is a vital part of embodying pleasure. The other is to enliven ourselves with rituals where we devote consistent time to commune with the Goddess representations of pleasure, which in my methodology is the archetype of The Pleasure Queen.

The temple doors for my Pleasure Queen 6 Month Immersion are opening on May 30th and early next week I’ll send through a full description of the journey if you decide to embark on it with me.

My festival co-creatrixes Yael Wolfe and Shirley Ann Aphrodite are guest teachers in the program, with more teachers to be added throughout the year.

The replays of each day are ready for your viewing pleasure–each is transformative and filled with Goddess Initiations, Luminous Divine Feminine Codes & Ritual Embodiments to take you from overwhelm, exhaustion and a sense of stagnancy to feeling as relaxed as a woman who knows and gets what she desires.

Access the FREE replays and soak in all the pleasure by registering, HERE.

With love & luminosity,



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