Is it time to unplug from your business brain?

I often have a hard time transitioning my way of thinking about “doing” business and marketing from my corporate brain to my entrepreneurial brain.

Is this true for you too?

I’ve had to completely detach from the mindsets I had acquired after 20 years of following schedules and modes of behavior that work great in a corporation, but not so much in a solo-entrepreneur setting.

For example, as an oracle, business strategist and spiritual teacher, meditating every day is an essential part of my job, not a luxury.

Working yourself into the ground may get you awards and promotions in a “climbing the ladder” sort of environment, but it will hurt your chances for business growth as an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur has to wear many hats, and most corporate folks have very defined roles that are limited to one department of a company.

Entrepreneurs have a broad range of roles that they play in their businesses and this requires switching gears a lot! My mind has become a lot more flexible as a result of being out of the corporate world since 2011.

This morning, I saw how true this all is for many entrepreneurs when I held the bi-weekly Mastermind meeting for my ladies in Higher Ground.

I was moved to start our time together with a few deep breaths, stretches and a card reading with my brand new oracle deck called “Work Your Light.”

Not exactly how most brainstorming meetings go in the corporate world, right?

The first card that came up was:

 PLAY. Have fun. Celebrate. Don’t be so serious.

It was perfect for the woman it came up for who is a full-time working mom and has multiple entrepreneurial adventures going on the side. She recently let go of a couple of clients and decided to focus on her ART again and do what brings her JOY.

The second card that came up was:


This came up for one of the most incredible healers I’ve worked with yet. She has been focused for an entire year on healing herself and learning new techniques of “discreating” old, stuck patterns of energy and behavior. Lately she was feeling blocked as to where to begin her business. It came through loud and clear that she is doing exactly what her soul is directing her to do. She is creating her business from the inside out!

The third card was:

 DANCE. Do something to shift your vibration.

This was for a professional dancer who is also a working mom and an alchemical, whimsical tea blender! She was reminded that doing dance, yoga and meditation was part of her job. In order to remain healthy and balanced in her career she needed to remember that self-care is not a luxury, but a necessity.

I pulled a fourth card for myself and it said:

YES. Just say yes.

I felt like this card was echoing for all of us to say “yes” to PLAY, ANSWER THE CALL and DANCE.

When you remember to unplug, take a pleasure break or give yourself a much-needed retreat in nature, you ARE doing your job.

We can’t stay in workaholic mode, push ourselves to the brink of exhaustion and expect more growth. When you step away from being a “serious” business person for a moment, expansion can come in the form of more prosperity, love, fun, pleasure and/or joy.

If you are called to bring light, joy and pleasure to the world, you must step away and do something other than what you consider to be “work.”

How are you going to replenish yourself in the coming days?

Here’s your permission slip to play, dance and say YES to you first.


With love + pleasure,


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